What Does the 😘 Emoji Mean?

When it comes to the wild world of emojis, some can fall into similar groups when it comes to their meanings. For example, emojis that are particularly flirtatious. One such emoji is 😘.

What 😘 face throwing a kiss emoji means


What 😘 Means

What exactly does 😘 mean? Well, it really depends on the sender.


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😘 From Your Crush

Get your heart-eyed emoji ready, because your crush is crushing hard right back if they text this kissy face to you! Unless they're the mega-flirtatious type (and you know they're sending the emoji to lots of people), know that they have their eyes set on you.


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😘 From a Friend

If a friend blessed you with a blowing-a-kiss emoji, they're supporting you, giving you a compliment or just generally showing their love for you in a cute and cheeky kind of way.


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