Is there any emoji more cool, calm and collected than the beloved 😎?

We think not. However, this emoji can mean many different things depending on how it’s used.

What the 😎 face with sunglasses emoji means in texting


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What 😎 Means

A few common translations include:

  • Easy-going
  • Carefree
  • Cool or chill
  • Laid back




  • Edgy
  • Awesome
  • Bold

In this second grouping, 😎 is often used as part of a “flex” of sorts. Whether someone is trying to humblebrag or say that they’re feeling chill, the meaning is based mainly on context. Another meaning, though, can be a general sense of approval (differing from the regular old thumbs-up πŸ‘ emoji, of course), especially over texting.


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😎 From a Girl

If you get a 😎 from a girl, don’t immediately assume they’re flirting! Ladies will often use this emoji to express that they’re feeling pretty satisfied with themselves or that they approve of something you’ve just said, but not necessarily with a romantic connotation.


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😎 From a Guy

If you’re chatting with your guy crush over text, a 😎 emoji will often mean that they’re trying to play it cool, and that he hopes you think that he’s awesome. If he sends it after saying something flirtatious, he wants to come off like he’s not even stressing about putting his heart on the lineβ€”even if he’s sweating IRL.


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