Ever wondered what the true meaning of a certain nerdy-looking emoji was? Well, sit down and get ready to take some notes on this studious face:

What the  nerd face emoji means

What Means

Naturally, the “nerdy face” emoji can often be understood as any kind of, well, nerdiness. However, it can also go well beyond that. Many people use it in a self-deprecating, humorous kind of way when referring to their own nerdiness or dorkiness, but it can also be used to mock someone for saying something particularly cringe-worthy.

If you’re currently a student, though, you’re most likely to use it (or see it used) in a way that could refer to studying or being studious. So, next time you need to get a study group together, feel free to sprinkle this emoji in for a little extra fun.


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From a Guy or Girl

If you’re texting your crush, whether they’re a guy or a girl, and they send you a slightly geeky statement, followed by the , it probably means that they acknowledge that they’re notthecoolest. They’re not afraid to be their truest, dorkiest self around you. Sometimes, that comfort might mean they like you, but other times, it just means you’re good friends. You’ll need to learn more to get a definitive answer as to whether they’re interested in you as well.


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Of course, determining the meaning of emojis sent from yourcrushcan be a little extra nerve-wrackingbut thankfully, we’ve made things easier for you with the guide to decoding emojis from your crush you can find by clicking HERE.