The 7 Best K-Pop Tracks of August 2022

As summer winded down and we began to immerse ourselves into fall, we jammed out to one last round of the hottest seasonal K-pop hits.

August blessed us with out-of-this-world solo songs, monumental returns and so much more to absorb in the last month of the summer. Of course, we couldn't just pick one song to complete our summer K-pop playlist with, so here are seven of our favorite K-pop tracks from the month of August.


'Pink Venom' by BLACKPINK

The biggest girl group in the world made their return with a vengeance in August. With a catchy chorus, solid vocals and sinister raps, "Pink Venom" has been in our heads since its release. It has all the makings of a BLACKPINK hit, but with a twist of something new. And to top it all off, the group just performed a monumental VMA performance of the hit, giving us even more excitement to see it and their other upcoming Born Pink album tracks on their tour this fall.


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'Gasoline' by KEY

SHINee's KEY only gets better with each and every solo comeback, and "Gasoline" was no exception. KEY's unique voice makes this song something special and instantly put us in a confident, self-loving mood. We can see this song being added to a video game soon in KEY's future.



This EDM-inspired track was already so danceable, but in true SEVENTEEN fashion, the boy group had to outdo themselves. The new version of "WORLD" features Anne-Marie, and somehow, becomes even catchier than the original. We were fortunate enough to see the group put on quite a show in L.A. last month, and wish there could have been an encore stage with this version of "WORLD."


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'Forever Only' by JAEHYUN

NCT's JAEHYUN showed off just how versatile his voice can be with his solo track "Forever Only." The melodic track embellishes his different registers and proves why he's one of the best vocalists in K-pop today. We hope to hear him sing this hypnotizing track at NCT 127's upcoming U.S. tour.


'Undercover' by CRAXY

Talk about a "crazy" song. This bop is unlike anything else we've heard this year. Due to its multiple melodies and beat changes, it's as if we're experiencing an all-you-can-eat buffet with music we can't get enough of. Keep more CRAXY coming our way!


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'Strangers' by BM

KARD's Big Matthew, aka BM, is a powerhouse rapper in his group, but when it comes to his solo music, he's able to show off his different sides. In August, BM delivered another EDM-esque song that demonstrated just how talented he is not only with rapping, but also lyrics, composing and even singing.


'Don't hesitate' by WONHO

Let's preface this by saying that if we were in charge of the playlist for the last party of the summer, this would be the closer. It's a dance track that still has its slower moments and vocal range that WONHO has become known for. We absolutely stan and will continue to crave more quality music from the solo artist.


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