The 8 Best K-Pop Tracks of June 2022

June was a powerful month for K-pop releases.

With songs from soloists and groups—and even the debut of a new K-pop group—June gave us an onslaught of incredible new songs to jam out to.

With so many killer releases last month, it was hard to pick just one favorite, so here are eight of our favorite K-pop releases from the month of June.


'Dear My Spring' by LEE MINHYUK

As a member of BtoB, Minhyuk is known for his distinctive rapping. As a solo artist, he takes things further showing off his vocals. Now commonly referred to as HUTA, he shines with "Dear My Spring," especially in the outro bridge.


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'Ghost' by TAEYONG

TAEYONG has been delivering solo bangers for a while now. Whether they're official releases or released on his Soundcloud, we are always tuned in for his works. "Ghost" was no different and with its EDM-pop heavy sounds that fit perfectly with the choreography in his performance video, we felt completely entranced by the song from the NCT 127 leader.


'Heart Burn' by SUNMI

SUNMI has delivered bop after bop since starting her solo career, and "Heart Burn" is no different. Even with its softer melody, the song still makes us want to dance.


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'Ring the Alarm' by KARD

KARD is a truly unique K-pop group. With each new release, they try something different, and the same can be said for their latest release "Ring the Alarm." The song is the perfect balance of clear vocals and powerful raps with a compelling beat.


'ZERO' by Drippin

Though fairly new in the K-pop world, Drippin has put out some of our favorite songs to date. In "Zero," the boy group thrives by showing off a rock and hip-hop side to the group that doesn't disappoint.


'Crazy' by WONHO

Former Monsta X member WONHO has blossomed into one of our favorite soloists. Each song shows a different side of him and with 'Crazy' he shows off his ability to dive into a rock-esque sound and absolutely nail it. We're going crazy vibing to this song.


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'Sweet' by THE BOYZ

"Sweet" may just be our favorite song by THE BOYZ, and we've had it on repeat since its release. The song embodies flawless harmonies between group members and addictive ad-libs while still showing off individual members' unique tones.


'Watch Out' by SUPERKIND

SUPERKIND is a one-of-a-kind K-pop group that just debuted in June, and "Watch Out" just may be one of our favorite debut songs to date. The song has it all from solid raps to captivating vocals and clean dance moves, and it's one we'll be listening to all year long.


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