13 Men's Skincare and Grooming Gifts Guys Will Actually Love

Shopping for guys can be a challenge—especially if you're looking to get them something special for the holidays—but it all gets a bit easier when they're known for taking care of their appearance.

There are so many amazing brands out there dedicated to men's skincare and grooming, but which ones are actually worth gifting this year? We've done our research so you don't have to. Whether the guys in your life love to look and smell amazing, keep their skin moisturized and hair well-kept—or if they need a little help in those areas—here's what to gift them in 2022.

Urban Skin Rx Exfoliating Face Wash + Scrub: $14

The man who loves a fresh, clean face deserves the best in face wash, which is why we love this option from Urban Skin Rx. It's a two-in-one cleanser that unclogs pores with salicylic acid, jojoba beads and niacinamide while also acting as an exfoliant to help deal with razor bumps. It's also a great gift for the guy who you just know uses a regular old soap bar to wash his face. We all know one.

Urban Skin Rx Exfoliating Face Wash + Scrub

(via Urban Skin Rx)


Atwater Heavy Armor Facial Moisturizer: $35

Healthy skin starts with moisture, which is why it can start looking especially chapped and dull during the cold, dry winter months. Guys need a great face lotion during this season more than ever, and Atwater's Heavy Armor Facial Moisturizer is an easy-to-apply option for even the laziest of guys. It's versatile, working for dry skin to combination skin, and everything in between, and absorbs fast to leave skin with a healthy glow thanks to the inclusion of niacinamide, shea butter and saccharide isomerate.

Atwater Heavy Armor Facial Moisturizer

(via Atwater)


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Rule & Reign Skincare Crown Collection: $79.99

Not every guy is open to developing a full-blown skincare routine, but those who are will love Rule & Reign's three-piece Skincare Crown Collection. It begins with a Hyaluronic Gel Cleanser, removing excess oil as well as debris from the face as it unclogs pores, before moving on to an Anti-Aging Cell Serum, using vitamins B3, C and E to improve collagen formation in a lightweight formula. Lastly, it includes an Advanced Amino Acid Repair Cream, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles as it smoothes and renews skin.

Rule & Reign Skincare Crown Collection

(via Rule & Reign Skincare)


Michal & Max Hydrating Shave Cream: $29

We firmly believe that shaving cream should do so much more than just make a razor glide more smoothly, which is why we're all about this Hydrating Shave Cream from Michal & Max. It's great for every step of the shaving process, from conditioning both the skin and beard as a pre-shave treatment to creating a slick and comfortable shave and finally working as a post-shave hydrator, nourishing with natural minerals and reducing irritation. It's perfect for the guy who loves a close shave (or dearly needs one).

Michal & Max Hydrating Shave Cream

(via Michal & Max)


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Sons of Hollis Fully Loaded Premier Beard Kit: $84.99

And for the guys who'd rather maintain a beard than shave it off, a beard kit makes a fabulous gift. This six-piece Fully Loaded Premiere Beard Kit from Songs of Hollis will help them boast the best beards around with a Beard Wash, Conditioner, Balm and Oil to keep the hair clean and soft, while the brush and comb will help them break through knots.

Sons of Hollis Fully Loaded Premier Bear Kit

(via Sons of Hollis)


Raw Sugar Living Men's Bar Soap Duo: $5.99

Cleanliness starts with a great soap, and Raw Sugar Living's Men's Bar Soap Duo was made for breaking through grease and grime with a deep cleanse while massing muscles and smelling incredible. The Black Coconut + Sea Salt scent is masculine and vibrant, and the bar does wonders for hydrating skin as it cleans.

Raw Sugar Living Men's Bar Soap Duo

(via Raw Sugar Living)


Spongellé Men's Gallant Buffer: $22

For deeper exfoliation in the shower, we love everything from Spongellé, and their scents for guys are particularly dreamy. This unique sponge buffer has the soap hidden inside, releasing its buttery, moisturizing body wash in the process of scrubbing. It gets the body squeaky clean as it buffs away dead skin and smells like a blend of lemon, herbs and musk to create a scent that's manly without being reminiscent of cheap body spray.

Spongellé Mens Galant Buffer

(via Spongellé)


Black Wolf Wush + Charcoal Body Wash Bundle: $69

We all know you're not supposed to put cotton swabs in your ears, but that doesn't stop people from doing it—especially those who like to keep clean. This holiday, get the guy in your life something actually designed to clean ears with Black Wolf's innovative Wush ear cleaner. It's safe and effective for cleaning out earwax—and this bundle also comes with the brand's best-selling Charcoal Body Wash for a great all-over clean.

BlackWolf Wush + Charcoal Body Wash Bundle

(via Black Wolf)


MARLOWE No. 145 Body Hair Trimmer: $49.99

Trimmers are just the thing for the guy who likes to keep beards and body hair in check, and this No. 145 Body Hair Trimmer from MARLOWE is fast and effective while selling for a great price. Its small size also means it charges fast and is easy to maneuver, so there's no excuse not to get trimming.

MARLOWE No. 145 Body Hair Trimmer



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Walton Wood Farm Gentleman's Trio: $66

For a grooming gift that covers all of the bases, there's Walton Wood Farm's Gentleman's Trio. It includes a Creamy Shave Soap for maintaining clean faces, a Hair Texture Paste for keeping hairdos in place and a Hand Rescue Balm to keep hands smooth and moisturized, no matter the weather. They each come in the brand's signature "Gentleman" set, smelling of smoky wood and citrus, and the bag they come in is super cute, too.

Walton Wood Farm Gentleman's Trio

(via Walton Wood Farm)


HOMMEFACE Ultra Soothers Set: $45

Guys need end-of-day pampering just as much as the rest of us, which is what makes this set from HOMMEFACE so perfect. It includes a Skin Rescue Intense Hydration Soothing Cream, built for nourishing stressed skin by maintaining moisture while controlling oil, plus a set of five Revilatilizing Hydrogel Face Masks for enhanced relaxation and hydration.

HOMMEFACE Ultra Soothers Set



MadeMan Travel Collection: $19.99

Instead of plaguing frequent flyers with big, non-TSA-approved bottles that can't go in their carry-ons, gift travel-sized versions of great products, like the ones in this MadeMan Travel Collection. This one's all about keeping things simple with a two-step skincare routine, including The Resetter facial cleanser and shave gel and The Refresher all-in-one moisturizer. Just two minutes a day, and their skin will be as good as new, wherever they go.

MadeMan Travel Collection

(via MadeMan)


Triumph & Disaster Road Less Travelled Dopp & Haircare Travel Kit: $65

And for a more complete set for the road, there's this Road Less Traveled Dopp & Haircare Travel Kit from Triumph & Disaster. It includes pucks of styling clays and pomade for keeping up sleek hair looks, as well as a cotton face cloth and natural peppermint shampoo and mint and cucumber conditioner. Best of all, the set comes wrapped up in a stylish olive canvas bag with a water-resistant orange lining to keep everything contained and fresh during their travels.


Triumph & Disaster Road Less Traveled Dopp & Haircare Travel Kit

(via Triumph & Disaster)


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