All the Reasons Cara Delevingne Is Your #WCW

Cara Delevingne is the ultimate multi-hyphenate. She's a model, actress, musician and probably astronaut, for all we know. After multiple viewings of Paper Towns, we decided she had to be our #WCW this week, and she should be yours, too. 

Because when you hear the word "eyebrows," Cara immediately pops into your head. Don't deny it!

Baby Cara's eyebrows were on fleek a decade before anyone had uttered the word.

John Green'Paper Towns is everything, and Cara played a huge part in making the movie just as phenomenal as the book. Margo Roth Spiegelman is also a totally worthy Woman Crush Wednesday pick.

And watching her switch between her fake American accent and real English accent is just enchanting.

She can handle the most awkward of interviews with grace and humor.

And the squad game is strong with this one.

Did we mention she's a nunchuck master?

Even a monkey can tell that Cara is serious #WCW material.

We're clearly not the only ones who are obsessed, because Cara took home the title of Model Of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2012 AND 2014.

We don't even believe Cara's beatboxing skills, but we shouldn't be surprised because she can do anything.

Plus she drums!?!

And if all of that wasn't enough, she's also a mermaid. In the upcoming movie Pan, of course.

She's a Mary Poppins-quality babysitter.

We just love that she's never afraid to let her nerd flag fly.

And even though Cara has taken a step away from the modeling world, she's certainly made her mark on it!

Obsessed with Cara? Tell us why you are in the comments below, and tell us who your #WCW is and we may just feature her in our next edition. Also be sure to read about last week's Woman Crush, Descendants star Sofia Carson, here!