Art and Sugar Collide to Form These 13 Wondrous Chocolate Sculptures

You're about to get a tingly sensation in your sweet tooth, because World Chocolate Day is tomorrow.

We're kicking off the celebration by sharing these drool-worthy chocolate sculptures with all of you. Which one do you want to take a bite out of?


1. Phoenix Chocolate Sculpture

Rising from the ashes to be born again in the best sugary treat on the planet doesn't sound so bad to us.

2. Autumn-Inspired Chocolate Sculpture

That littler frog on top of this creation is way too adorable for its own good. We wonder if he'll turn into a chocolate prince after we kiss him.


3. Lego Chocolate Sculpture

Finally, Legos you can step on that won't break your foot.


4. Pizza Rat Chocolate Sculpture

Not only was the crafter of this masterpiece ridiculously creative in the way they represented this social media phenomenon, but building that shoe out of chocolate? Genius!


5. Stacked Hearts Chocolate Sculpture

Is it too early to request this as our Valentine's Day gift?

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6. Bambi Chocolate Sculpture

Our favorite little deer just got that much sweeter. We kind of feel bad about the idea of eating him though…


7. Dinner Feast Chocolate Sculpture

You can bet our plates would be clean the second they were placed in front of us if we were invited to this feast.


8. Jungle Scene Chocolate Sculpture

Hopefully these little guys don't melt in that sweltering jungle heat though.


9. Peacock Chocolate Sculpture

And you thought a simple, everyday peacock was beautiful!


10. Bear Chocolate Sculpture

We wouldn't be too scared if we ran into this guy while camping. In fact, we kind of wish it would actually happen.


11. Alice in Wonderland Chocolate Sculpture

The whimsical and fantastical spirit of Alice in Wonderland was somehow perfectly captured in this chocolatey rendition.

Amazing chocolate sculpture.

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12. Dress Chocolate Sculpture

Why not wear what you eat?


13. Finding Nemo Chocolate Sculpture

It's insane to think that this whole display was only made out of white chocolate. Wow.


These chocolate creations probably have your mouth watering by now. We know what will calm your appetite—THESE six sugary desserts.