Are You REALLY Coachella-Ready? Use This Ultimate Checklist to Find Out

Anyone's who's been to Coachella knows the prep is no simple process.

Imagine spring break, a concert series, a pool party and a fashion show all rolled into one, and there you have what represents the coveted annual dual-weekend music festival.

As longtime Coachella attendees, we've made our to-do lists and checked them twice (actually, more like 10 times), and now we're finally ready to fill up our pink Pop x Suki luggage and head out to Indio, California, this weekend.

Need some guidance, yourself? Look no further, because we've got your list of everything to bring and do, from accessories, to beauty products, to plain and simple vanity services and more. Keep scrolling and get to packin.' See you in the desert!


1. Waxing Services and Razor

Whether it's your face or your legs, you'll want to be properly waxed or clean-shaven this weekend!

Before any major event, I always wax or dermaplane my entire face. It makes a huge difference when it comes to applying makeup, sunscreen, self-tanner, you name it. Everything goes on much smoother and the skin absorbs it so much better when there aren't stray hairs or peach fuzz in the way.

I just had my hair woes handled by Liz Zaldana Sender at The RA_Hair House in West Hollywood, California, and now, even my highlighter much more dramatically pops on my face.

If waxing freaks you out (and it certainly does for some), be sure to pack a quality razor with you (I recommend any kind of Venus) to handle any unwanted hairy situations (except for the face, obviously). Cheapie travel razors may seem like a wise idea on the fly, but do you really want to step out showing off your legs with shaving nicks left and right?


2. Haircut and Color Touch-Up or Reinvention

Coachella is the ultimate excuse to revamp your look. It's the true kickoff to spring, all of your besties will be in one space and there will be hot single people running all over the place.

I recently mosied on through Sally Hershberger salon in West Hollywood, where I took my mid-length, basic brown to an uneven chin-length mahogany bob. Thanks to king and queen stylists Nic Flores and Cassondra Kaeding, my Coachella makeover is a major success that will take me through the festival and far beyond.

Now, let's be real: Proper hair care can be a timely, expensive process, and some of us don't have the budget or hours to spare. Fear not, Joico's InstaTint comes in five colors, shows up vibrantly on even the darkest of hair and then comes out after one solid, deep-conditioned hair wash.

An additional quick-fix? Extensions by Secret Extensions. The applicator bands come in a slew of different hair colors and hair color trends. From ombre to highlight and many, many more, these styles, made of 100% human hair, are only $39.99 a pop. So in case you don't feel like committing to one look (even from day to night), these are your best bet.

And while we're on the topic of all things hair, don't forget to pack up your dry shampoo. Showering options will be limited and washing and styling your hair will be quite the process. Avoid the hassle with a few sprays of Klorane through your luscious locks.


3. Headbands

Sure, flower crowns are synonymous with Coachella accessory style, but I personally opt for a headband above all else. I mean, Coachella or not, headbands add so much to your look. As an avid headband-wearer, I've got to say I'm crazy about all things Deepa Gurnani. As seen on Taylor Swift, they are incredible quality, with such intricate detail. I find myself splurging on a new one right before Coachella rolls around each year, because they're kind of my signature look.

But like so many other C'chella-centric accessories, high-quality headbands can cost a pretty penny, so another line I dig (with costs ranging across the board) for all things hair accessories is Nissa. From hair clips, to head chains, to flowered headbands, this line has it all.

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4. Stand-Out Sunnies

Aside from blocking out the scorching sun, we all know sunglasses can make or break an outfit. Coachella is the one time in which we can go all out with funky colors and designs, but we also need to make sure what we're sporting over our eyes adds a positive dimension to our look. I dig the solid-colored RumbaTime springtime options (impossible to clash with anything).

If you're willing to plop down a few extra bucks, I think Wildfox has the most adorable glasses on the market. They're ultra-feminine and will no doubt have you standing out on the Empire Polo Fields. My personal pick are the Steff Deluxe style.

And if all else fails, Urban Outfitters is always overflowing with incredibly affordable (and cute!) shades in varying styles and colors.

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5. Outfits

This is obviously a broad category and really up to your own personal preference. Even though it's a given that—duh—you need outfits, I had to include on here anyway. You know, just in case you hadn't considered your short shorts, flowy tops, crop tops, rompers, you name it. But at the end of the day, you'll want to dress comfortably. You'll be walking for hours and it will be hot, so keep comfort in mind.


6. Bold Lip Colors

If you've ever been afraid to rock a bold lip, now's your time to experiment. Festival attendees will be going all out with wild makeup, and you should be no exception. It's no secret that I love a bold lip, but even I am doing some first-time testing. I recently purchased the pastel blue-hued satin Dew from MAC, and I am waiting until the big weekend to wear it for the first time.


7. Tan

This one is a no-brainer: Who wants to look pasty at Coachella?

Okay, some people embrace their un-sunkissed color, but for those who want a little glow, get a quick fix with a spray tan. Depending on where you go, these start at $30 on average and they can last up to a week with proper care.

If you really want to go all out, opt for the airbrush. It's a little more spendy, but it will last much longer with a no-splotch guarantee. Only qualm is it requires someone to hand-spray you, so if that makes you uncomfortable, steer clear.

If none of the above tickle your fancy, I say swoop up a bottle of St. Tropez or Vita Liberata self-tanner. I keep these bottles in my bathroom at all times when I need a quick boost of color. Vita Liberata's 10 Minute Tan product is probably the best self-tanner I've ever tried. It goes on bronze, stays on bronze and doesn't streak. You can apply to face and body and even though it says you can rinse as quickly as 10 minutes after application, I strongly advise leaving it on as long as possible and preparing to look like you stepped off of an island!

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8. Bathing Suit

Even if you don't plan on hopping in a pool, you still want to come prepared in case. Whether it's a bikini, tankini, one-piece, you name it, it really doesn't hurt to have one of these on hand, because after a long day of roaming the sun-kissed fields, a splash in the water will surely be a delight. Plus, if you wear one under your clothing and it gets too hot during the festival, you can always just roam around in your bathing suit and shorts.

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9. Mani-Pedi

We've made it clear how important it is for us Sweety High gals to get our nails done, so you can only imagine how imperative it is for our hands to be in tip-top shape for Coachella. I strongly suggest getting gels on both your fingers and toes. Let's be honest, your feet will undergo a lot this weekend, so if you get gels, your cute little toes are one less thing you need to worry about.

"When it comes to nails for Coachella, the bolder the better," style expert and SydneStyle blogger Sydne Summer tells Sweety High. "Brights will be huge: Everything from desert sunset hot pinks and oranges, to palm tree greens. Essie actually just came out with a new spring line inspired by a California road trip—'Backseat Besties' is my favorite. If you're into nail art, there are two big trends from the spring runways that are perfect for festival season: colorblocking and the graphic French manicure. Just make sure to go bright!"

If gels or polish aren't your forte for the weekend, you can always opt for decals. With the right nail length, decals can provide an adorable design without the time consuming process of painting everything detail by detail.


10. Accessories

This goes hand-in-hand with outfits. There are so many accessories to choose from, where do you even begin? Obviously go with what makes you feel best. Throw some rings on those freshly manicured fingers and pack some basic chokers that are sure to go with whatever you're wearing. Throw on a body chain. This is a time you can show as much skin without question, so why not accessorize your beautiful body with a body chain? As you know, we are particularly fans of Nashelle chains. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, but for every piece of jewelry sold, a plate of food is donated to someone in need.

When it comes to selecting something to carry all your belongings in during the festival, don't go with anything too big. Get something that has a pop of color with a decent-sized strap. You can spot me sporting a burgundy Billie Saddle Bag from Ora Delphine. It's not too big, it has a closing snap and a perfectly sized guitar strap with all the right pops of color.

And for something a little smaller to fit only the main essentials, why not give a go to the ultra stylish Drew bag from Clove and Revel?

Starting the week right with @emmarosekenney sporting our NEW Billie Guitar Strap Saddle Bag!

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11. Deodorant and Body Spray

I don't think this one needs too much explanation. Pack your deodorant, folks! And when it comes to your general scent overall, bring something light and airy. A music festival is not the place to overdo it with the heavy perfume. A nice floral or citrusy body spray or lotion is sure to do the trick. And because scent is associated with memories, perhaps even go for something you've never tried before so you can always connect that smell to the moments you're about to create this weekend! But whatever you do, you want to smell your best. A potential new crush could be just feet away.


12. Sunscreen

Another one that doesn't need much explanation: Do not forget sunscreen. It is imperative for the health of your skin.

100% Zinc Oxide #Sunscreen is the NEW option in our suncare lineup. Click the link in our profile to stock up and soak up the ???? safely.

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13. Liquids

It's easy to overlook liquids when you've got a slew of other essentials to throw into your luggage, but you must stay hydrated in the desert. Whether that means packing your S'well bottle and keeping it consistently filled up, or lugging around a case of travel-sized bottles, do not leave home without water. And because you've got a tiring, long weekend ahead, we love sipping Celsius for an added all-natural energy boost.

Getting ahead on Sundays with Icelandic purity brings a week of content.

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14. Shoes

It's easy to want to get all glammed up below the knees (after all, next to hair, shoes are your best accessory!), but you'll need to keep things casual-cute during your stroll through the festival. You'll be walking in endless dirt, there's a chance your toes will be stepped on and you'll be walking for hours on end. That said, go with a bootie and a relatively flat heel.

The Roma Chelsea Black Floral bootie is an example of a shoe that's perfectly comfortable, incredibly easy to clean and super Coachella-friendly with its flower print. Added bonus? For every boot sold, the brand gives a pair to kids in impoverished areas of the world.

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Now that you've got a pretty lengthy to-do list leading up to the festival, click HERE to read about what not to wear to Coachella.