CRAVITY Reveals the Story Behind Their Fourth Mini-Album, NEW WAVE

We've been following K-pop group CRAVITY since their debut in 2020, and it's been a pleasure to see how far they've come—especially with today's release of their highly anticipated fourth mini-album, NEW WAVE.

The new collection of six iconic songs shows a more mature side to the band, showing their impressive growth since their debut, with SERIM and ALLEN also contributing lyric-writing for the first time, and WOOBIN writing lyrics, as well as self-producing on "Colorful." They also recently wrapped a six-city U.S. KCON Tour, making this a very exciting time for the group—and we got to ask them about all of it in the interview below.

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Sweety High: What new side of CRAVITY will this comeback show to LUVITY?

HYEONGJUN: You can see us truly having fun and enjoying ourselves.

SERIM: We will show you a fresh but more mature side of us.

MINHEE: Just like what NEW WAVE means, you'll get a new and cool feeling from this comeback.

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SEONGMIN: I want to surprise you with a refreshing and powerful performance.

JUNGMO: We will bring new and bright energy to LUVITY.

WOOBIN: You can see us being more relaxed and enjoying the stage.

ALLEN: This new album will show a more natural and carefree side to us that wholly envelops the elements of youth.

WONJIN: We will show you how energetic CRAVITY gets when we perform in front of LUVITY.

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TAEYOUNG: You will see CRAVITY's fun and excited side as we enjoy the song together with our fans.


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SH: What is the inspiration behind the title track "PARTY ROCK"?

SERIM: We wanted you to just let go of everything, feel the music and let yourself enjoy the party.

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ALLEN: The inspiration behind "PARTY ROCK" is really the spirit of youth. We want our audience to feel as if they're escaping from the mundane routine of daily life and seek non-stop fun and excitement with us.


SH: Does "PARTY ROCK" have a connection to your single "Boogie Woogie"?

JUNGMO: Both songs have a bright image and lift your mood when you listen to them.

WOOBIN: "Boogie Woogie" is an all-English song and the first track on our "PARTY ROCK" album. The song represents our album's identity as a whole.

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WONJIN: We showed a sneak peek of our boogie that will be at the party.


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SH: What are your favorite B-sides from the new mini-album?

HYEONGJUN: "Knock Knock" is my favorite because I think everything is perfect, from the addictive verse to the rap.

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SEONGMIN: I really love the melody and mood of "New Addiction."

SERIM: It's "Knock Knock" and "Colorful" for me. I have had "Knock Knock" on repeat for months already, and I am sure I will never get tired of listening to it over and over. It is a very easy song to listen to. WOOBIN worked on the production of "Colorful"! Focus on the lyrics as you listen—they are what make this song even more "colorful."

TAEYOUNG: "Colorful"! It is a very meaningful song because WOOBIN wrote it with both CRAVITY and LUVITY on his mind.

MINHEE: Mine is "New Addiction." I love how cool the song is.

WONJIN: I like "Knock Knock." I love its melody line, the vibe and the lyrics.

ALLEN: I really like "Colorful" because it is our very first song fully written by a member.

WOOBIN: I would say it is "Colorful." It is my first time releasing a self-produced song, and I remember sacrificing sleep just to work on this. I really gave it my everything. This song means a lot to me in so many ways, one of which is that it is like a new start for me.

JUNGMO: It is "Automatic" for me. It is catchy! I am sure this song will get stuck in your head.

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SH: What new concepts are you implementing into your performances for the promotion of this new mini album?

HYEONGJUN: We want to show us enjoying a party, but because we don't have experience partying, we tried our best to imagine what it would be like.

MINHEE: We imagined that we were at a party having fun together.

SEONGMIN: We tried out a party concept, and I think it'll be memorable because we can show off the point dance well.

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TAEYOUNG: There are dance moves that include lifting up and throwing the members, and we have fun together to match the concept of the song.


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SH: ALLEN, during CRAVITY's KCON LA performance, you mentioned how much it meant to you to be performing in Los Angeles. How did it feel to perform in your home city?

ALLEN: It was unbelievable. Truly a humbling experience. Not gonna lie, it felt amazing when the audience cheered really loud for me when I said L.A. was my hometown and thanked everyone for being a part of my full circle moment.

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SH: Is there any chance of a CRAVITY world tour?

CRAVITY: We have been looking forward to a world tour since our debut, and now that the COVID-19 situation is getting better, we really want to visit countries around the world and meet our global LUVITY. We hope to announce a world tour and meet more LUVITY soon.

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SH: Is there anything you would like to say to LUVITY who may be reading this?

HYEONGJUN: I am happy that I can express myself through many platforms and hope LUVITY knows how much they mean to me. I hope you love our new song.

SERIM: LUVITY! We hope you enjoy all the songs on our fourth mini album because they are all great tracks. We will work hard during our promotions, so we hope you can cheer us on and we can have fun together!

MINHEE: To all the LUVITY reading this, I hope we can see each other soon!

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SEONGMIN: Please show a lot of love for "PARTY ROCK," watch our promotions and remember that I love you always.

JUNGMO: LUVITY, we really love you. I hope we can meet soon.

WOOBIN: LUVITY, I hope you got to know us better through Sweety High. Thank you for always waiting for us.

ALLEN: LUVITY! Thank you for taking the time to read this interview and, as always, we love you and are always thinking about you guys.

WONJIN: Let's enjoy this party and have a great time! I love you.

TAEYOUNG: Thank you for waiting, LUVITY! Just like this comeback's concept, let's party together! I love you!

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