Mack Z Survives The Toughest Round Of 'This or That' EVER!

Mackenzie Ziegler is definitely one of our favorite dancers, and basically just all around fave humans. We know a little bit (ok, fine, a LOT) about her from watching Dance Moms religiously and following every social media account she has, but we wanted to know even ~more~ about Mack Z. The best way to do that is obviously by playing a quick-fire round of 'This or That' with her. Somehow she was able to decide between WiFi or ice cream, summer or winter and being turned into Harry Styles or Harry Potter.

Mackenzie Ziegler wearing sunglesses and a snapback while holding a black penny board behind her for 'This or That' interview image art

(via @officialmackzmusic)

Sweety High: Cats or dogs?

Mack Z: Dogs  ?


SH: Jennifer Lawrence or Taylor Swift?

MZ: Taylor Swift


SH: WiFi or ice cream?

MZ: Ice cream?


SH: The Hunger Games or Divergent?

MZ: The Hunger Games


SH: Pizza or dinosaurs?

MZ: Pizza?


SH: Coke or Pepsi?

MZ: Coke


SH: Mind reading powers or flying powers?

MZ: Mind reading powers!


SH: Cake or diamonds?

MZ: Diamonds???


SH: Whip or Nae Nae?

MZ: Whip


SH: Being a princess or being a wizard?

MZ: Being a princess!?


SH: Catwoman or Wonder Woman?

MZ: Wonder Woman


SH: Superman or Batman?

MZ: Superman


SH: The sun or the moon?

MZ: The sun☀️<   SH: Being turned into Harry Styles or Harry Potter?

MZ: Harry Styles


SH: Summer forever or winter forever?

MZ: Summer forever??


SH: Mind reading powers or flying powers?

MZ: Mind reading powers!


SH: Time traveling to the future or the past?

MZ: The future


SH: 5SOS or 1D?

MZ: 1D?


SH: Winning a Grammy or winning an Oscar?

MZ: Winning a Grammy


SH: Hashtags or emojis?

MZ: Emojis?


We honestly not sure how Mack Z survived making those choices, especially the one about T. Swift or J. Law! We don't know who we would pick, but we ~can~ tell you if you're more like Tay or Jenn. All you have to do is take this quiz!