These Gorgeous Dylan Conrique Lyrics Also Make Great Instagram Captions

Dylan Conrique has quickly cemented herself not just as one of our favorite musical artists, but also as one of the most talented young songwriters on the scene.

Her lyrics are consistently poignant and heartfelt, and whether she's describing deeply relatable situations we've all been through or her own profound personal experiences, her songsΒ alwaysΒ hit home. And not only do her best lines tend to get stuck in our heads for weeks on end, but they make pretty compelling Instagram captions, too. Keep scrolling to find out which ones we think you should use on your next post.

For when you're feeling overwhelmed with social media and desperately need a break:

"Oh, I took advice from the internet. Turns out I need some rest."

-"Advice From the Internet"


For when someone has your heart aflutter:

"Every time I see you round I'm kinda nervous, but I smile like it don't bother me at all."



For when it's been more than half a year since something went down and you still aren't over it:

"It's been 200 days, but who's counting?"

-"Not So Secretly"


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For the pic of you in your coziest outfit, chilling at home ahead of the weekend:

"I want my Friday nights to be chill."

-"After All"


For when you know people are hitting you up for all the wrong reasons:

"Don't call me up 'cause you're bored and have regrets."

-"Wasted Makeup"


For when you just want the best for someone who's struggling:

"Want you to live like the world's on fire, want you to love like hearts don't break."

-"Birthday Cake"


For those times when home doesn't quite feel like home:

"If home is where the heart is, I got an empty hole inside my chest."



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For when you're trying to pretend it doesn't still hurt:

"I'm not bitter, bitter, no no, I swear I'm better, better now."



For the pic of you and that person who makes everything better:

"I just wanna be with you all the time. I just want these feelings all my life."

-"Baby Blue"


For when you're afraid you'll never get over your ex:

"What if my heart don't fix itself? What if I don't find someone else?"

-"Advice From the Internet"


For when you realize they weren't worth the tears:

"I wasted makeup with every tear I've cried."

-"Wasted Makeup"


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For when you feel like you're surrounded by fakeness:

"It's hard to tell what's real when nobody lets their guard down here."



For when the universe feels cruel and random:

"They say everything happens for a reason, but it only makes you mad."

-"Birthday Cake"


For when you just can't hide your feelings:

"I'm not so secretly still in love with you."

-"Not So Secretly"


For when you just don't know how to express yourself emotionally:

"Good at excuses, but so bad at telling him what I feel."

-"After All"


For when you're dreaming about the person you can't stop thinking about:

"When I see moonlight I think of you."

-"Baby Blue"


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