PREMIERE: Hayes Warner Pokes Fun and Channels the Butterflies of a New Crush in 'Shut Up'

New York City's own Hayes Warner is a rising singer-songwriter who's made quite the name for herself with her viral hits on TikTok, and her latest release, "Shut Up," is primed to be her biggest yet.

Known for capturing authentic and raw moments in her vibrant songwriting, brought to life through effortlessly smooth vocals, Hayes is definitely one to watch. Her previous releases, "Like You're In Mine" and "Messy," have gotten her millions of views on TikTok, and in just weeks, her new song "Shut Up" is already eclipsing them. The song dropped last week, and today,  we're premiering its music video right here on Sweety High! Check it out here before you can watch it anywhere else, and keep scrolling to discover everything Hayes shared with us about the creation of the track and what its lyrics mean to her.

The Story Behind 'Shut Up'

Hayes Warner: The song was inspired by the saying, "If someone's mean to you, it's because they like you." Adults would say this to me as a kid when some snotty little boy would shove me at recess, but I'm reclaiming it now. I think it's part of the game to poke fun at someone you like. Writing this song, I tried to channel feelings from that moment before any real relationship begins, where the butterflies of liking someone kind of take over, and you say things that are the opposite of how you feel. Earlier last year, a friend of mine was obsessed with someone, and I remember leaning over to eavesdrop on what she was saying to them at a party. I heard her making fun of his T-shirt and heard her flirtatiously telling him to "shut up." A few weeks later, the song was done.


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What 'Shut Up' Means

HW: Sometimes I feel pressure to be overly nice or complimentary, but my authentic self wants to poke fun a little because that's what I do with people I love. I want this song to remind people to have fun flirting in a teasing, casual way. It's light-hearted and childish but also centers confidence and power.

Cover photo for "Shut Up" for Hayes Warner, 2022

(Photo credit: Alma Rosaz)


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On the Music Video

HW: I really wanted the video to play into the no-nonsense attitude of the song. The video was directed by ROOK (French Montana, Saweetie, and Roddy Ricch) who brought an edge to the video and helped me channel some spicy energy. The video follows me and some friends during a not-so-typical night out. I wanted to bring two perspectives—a carefree night clubbing with my friends, and a more girl boss-focused energy. In the video, my friends and I flirt with the bouncer in a pre-planned heist while simultaneously living it up on the dancefloor.


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Hayes' Favorite Lyric

HW: "It's better to be mean than to say what I mean."  When you first catch feelings for someone, it's all about the possibility. You're flirting, but there are no stakes because you haven't admitted how you really feel yet. It's easier to be confident in the stage of flirting before you have to be vulnerable, and 'Shut Up' really lives in that grey area. It's when you have butterflies, but don't have to actually deal with honesty or rejection.

Hayes Warner shut up single art

(Photo credit: Alma Rosaz)


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