There are some really fun aspects of high school, and then there are some not-so-fun downsides—namely, being bullied or insulted.

Unfortunately, whether it’s all in good fun or done out of spite, there’s no escaping being teased.

But not all insults are the same. Keep reading for our definitive ranking of high school insults, from silly to super mean, and why you shouldn’t give them the time of day.

10. Being Called Out by Classmates for Getting Detention

Sure, mom and dad aren’t pleased when you’re sent to the principal’s office or if you receive a notorious pink slip from your teacher, but if your classmates are clowning on you because you got in trouble, they’re probably laughing more with you than at you. Students who misbehave are oftentimes also the class clowns, so whatever you did to earn that spot in detention probably made your peers chuckle (in a good way).


9. Being Teased When You Don’t Know the Answer

Whether you were busy daydreaming about your crush or you simply just don’t have a grasp on the material, being called on unexpectedly to answer a question without the proper knowledge is a real downer, especially when other students are quick to bask in your mistake. But the good news is this embarrassing moment of cluelessness is just that: a moment. Once it’s on to the next called-on classmate, your frazzled response will be a distant memory.

Riley Matthews from 'Girl Meets World' sitting in class

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8. Being Teased Because You Have a Stained Outfit or Spilled on Yourself

Guess what? Even our fave celebs suffer wardrobe malfunctions and their fair share of not-so-fashionable faux pas. Yes, having a noticeable mark on your outfit will likely cost you a few periods or a day of some slight ridicule, but come tomorrow, you and your ensemble of choice have a totally fresh start.


7. Not Being Asked to a School Dance

When the only thing people around you are talking about is who they’re going with to prom (or whatever dance), it can get a little tiresome when you haven’t been asked. But, really, there are some people who are totally “school dance people” and then others (like many of us at Sweety High) who think these overly hyped extravaganzas aren’t a big deal at all.

You’ll be surprised at how many other people are either going stag or opting to stay home or do something else entirely. It may feel like a big stab in the heart that no one asked you, but trust us, no one is judging you. They’re too busy worrying about their own plans.

girl looks miserable at school dance

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6. Getting Mocked Because of Your Name

When you’re constantly teased because of your uncommon name, or people seem to purposely pronounce it wrong, it can send you into a tailspin. Even though it’s just a name and it has nothing to do with your personality, intelligence or appearance, it can begin to weigh on you when every time certain people see you, they always have an excuse to poke fun. Our advice? Ignore it.


5. Being Teased About a Family Member

Although you may not necessarily be teased, being trashed-talked to about a family member can feel equally painful. Because you’re blood, you not only feel protective over this person, but your family is a part of you, so you feel like the haters are basically insulting you anyway.

While the nonsense is hard to hear, remind yourself that the people saying these things are lashing out at you because they clearly don’t have the courage to deal with the source of their issues directly.


4. Being Harassed on Social Media

Being flooded with nasty comments or having someone post a harsh photo of you on social media is incredibly painful because it’s up there for everyone to see. There’s really no justifying the situation to make you feel better—it’s downright mean. At least you can delete comments, block users and report them, but either way, the emotional damage has been done.

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3. Being Picked Last in P.E.

Even if you’re the worst volleyball player in town, waiting patiently in a crowd of one while all 19 other students in your P.E. class have been excitedly sectioned off into teams is a real blow to the ego (and heart). Even the students who stink at sports at least get swooped up by their friends, so you standing there last (regardless of the reason) makes you feel pretty low. Then once you get assigned to your obligatory team, you’re unmotivated to try hard because you feel like you’re totally unwanted.

While, yes, it’s a bit hurtful, just remember P.E. is a big ol’ melting pot of different people from different grades. With so many students being thrown together, you may just not know many people in that class. Also, reminder: It’s just P.E. (no one wants to be there regardless of when they’re picked), so in the grand scheme of things, your place is the selection process won’t be remembered past that moment.


2. Getting Booed by Your Class

Whether you just finished a presentation, you raised your hand to answer a question, or you simply walked up to your teacher’s desk to ask them something, getting booed by your class is the ultimate low. Feeling not only a lack of support—but also a complete attack—by your peers surely doesn’t give you the confidence to ever want to speak in front of them again.

But, hey, see No. 1 below for an explanation as to why you should brush off the haters. Easier said than done? Not necessarily—you’ll find that if you take the initiative to just go about your merry way, your classmates will look up to your unbreakable confidence, and most importantly, they’ll leave you alone.

two boy bullies throw paper airplane at girl student in class

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1. Being Insulted for Your Physical Appearance

While being made fun of for your name or your family is hurtful, being attacked for your physical appearance is the epitome of pain. Especially in high school, when students prioritize looks over so much else, being teased because of how you look can often make you feel hopeless.

We know it sounds cliché, but anyone who feels compelled to insult you time and time again is likely taking their own insecurities out on you. It may not seem like it at the time, but a truly confident person doesn’t waste their time insulting others. Being dissed because of your looks is awful, but really, all you can do is ignore the haters and let them find someone else to insult. They’re the ones who have to go home each day and live with what they’ve done.


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