An Introvert's Party Survival Guide

For some introverts, getting invited to a party can be a real nightmare.

It's not that you want to be a party pooper—it's just that giant social gatherings drain your energy faster than anything, and before long you can find yourself exhausted, cranky and entirely ready to head home. That's tough, but you can make things a little easier on yourself with these seven tips.

Plan Out Some Quiet Time

Attending a party can be extremely draining for any introvert. It's a good idea not only to plan a stretch of quiet alone time ahead of the event so that you go into it with your batteries fully charged, but also after it, so that you have some space to recover when you're getting close to 0%. Going into the party without doing so will make you burn out so much faster.

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Don't Show Up Late

It may sound a little counterintuitive to choose to be at a party longer, but hear us out. Getting somewhere before anyone else means that there will be fewer people there and that you're the default person to talk to, and you might be able to hold on to that group and their conversation for the rest of the party. Arriving late means you'll have to break into discussions, rather than starting them. Plus, arriving early means you have every right to leave a bit early, too.


Use the Buddy System

Struggle to stay in the conversation when you're at a big party? Avoid the hassle by bringing along a friend you can trust. Open up to them and let them know how much you struggle in a large group and how much their companionship will help you. That way, even if you're not directly participating in the party as a whole, you'll still have someone to keep you company.


Seek Out Like-Minded People

Sometimes, the best way to survive a party is to seek out the other people who don't want to be there either. Trying to force your way into a conversation that's already going on between a group of friends will wind up taking everything out of you, so try to find a fellow wallflower who's all on their own and see if you can forge a friendship with them instead. Some simple one-on-one time might be just the thing to get you through the night.


Keep Busy

When you're having a tough time connecting to people, find something to do so that you're not focusing on the social aspects of the party. Ask the host if there's anything you can do to help, between setting or tidying up or simply keeping things organized. And if you can't make yourself useful, maybe there will be a cute pet to hang out with, or a food table to gravitate around. Both are great distractions, as well as conversation starters. When everyone else sees a dog or cat, they'll want to meet them, too, and if you're snacking, you won't be expected to converse as much.


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Don't Be Afraid to Take Breaks (Or to Leave)

If you know you're going to be somewhere for a while, it's a good idea to take breaks when you need to. Find a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle where you can recharge, whether it's in an empty room somewhere, a quieter corner of the house or even the backyard. The bathroom is also okay for a brief break, but don't hog it—other people might need that space! And when your energy is completely spent, you have every right to head home. Try not to be dependent upon another person at the party for doing so. If you feel bad about ducking out early, it might also be good to come armed with a reasonable excuse.


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Don't Go to Begin With

When you're getting invited to events left and right, you need to be choosy. You're going to burn out if you keep agreeing to everyone. It's perfectly healthy to just say no sometimes, and don't feel as though you need to come up with an excuse other than that you need a mental health day. Pick and choose the events that really matter to you, like events that are important to your closest friends, and don't put yourself in situations where you know you're going to get stressed out and not enjoy yourself.


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