No one can write a breakup ballad quite like 18-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter Lauren Spencer-Smith.

The talented artist first made her way into our hearts as a contestant on American Idolbefore becoming one of our favorite viral musicians on all of TikTok with her powerful songs including “Fingers Crossed” and “Flowers.” With her powerfully painted narratives, brought to life with soulful, soaring vocals, each new song has fully broken our hearts, and we know Lauren is only getting started. Here’s everything we learned about her as our latest Woman Crush Wednesday.

Lauren Spencer-Smith Trivia Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Lauren Spencer-Smith)

Name: Lauren Spencer-Smith

Hometown: Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Canada

Birthday: September 28

Zodiac signLibra

Fun Facts:

1. While Lauren wouldn’t necessarily want to steal her style, she’d love to have access to Cher’s Glamoutfit computer program from Clueless, allowing her to pick and choose different outfits onscreen.

“A computer stylist in my house would be so fun.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

2. If she could live in any fictional world, she might just jump into the one from iCarly.

“Okay, so I loved iCarly when I was younger because she had such a cool house. She was always on her webcam, and I feel like that was that generation’s version of being on TikTok.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

3. Though she has a ton of influences as an artist, her biggest has to be JP Saxe.


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4. She finds Monsters, Inc.‘s Mike Wazowski the most relatable of all Disney characters.

“I just think he’s weird and different, and I am also weird and different.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

5. The pizza from Milano’s in her home of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, is her favorite food from her favorite restaurant.

“I always eat pizza with ranch, and the ranch at Milano’s hits different. It’s so weird the more I’ve traveled people don’t have ranch with their pizza! Canada has way better ranch than anywhere else, especially Milano’s.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith


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6. And what’s Lauren’s favorite joke?

“My ex. No, just kidding!”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

7. In actuality, she probably doesn’t have a favorite joke—but that doesn’t mean she’s not constantly cracking up.

“I laugh at a lot of things, like I could just be with my friends and they’ll say something weird and it could be the funniest thing ever.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

8. Slow walkers are her biggest pet peeve.

“I always walk like I have somewhere to be, and it just bothers me when people are purposely walking slow.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

9. She’s definitely a morning person.

“I’d love to be asleep by like 6 p.m. every day—I get up early and go to the gym and I’m just always in work mode so being up early and being productive feels really good to me.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith

10. She’s never really collected anything—but she is working on a collection of Prada boots.


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11. She absolutely couldn’t live without smoothies.

12. It’s important to Lauren that people know she’s been working since she was 11 to make her dream come true.

“I just want them to know how hard I’ve worked for what I have now, and that if you put your heart into something, you can make it happen for yourself, too.”

-Lauren Spencer-Smith


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