All of the New Expansion Tools Meta Introduced As Part of Creator Week

This week marks Meta's Creator Week, where creators from around the world have been hand-selected to work closely with Instagram and Facebook and learn new tools to help them grow.

So, what does that mean for us normal folks? Actually, there'a lot you need to know! From new offerings to new tools and more to use on the apps, there's something for everyone to learn about and enjoy, all thanks to Meta. Just keep scrolling to find out more!

Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles

Meta just announced Professional Mode for Facebook profiles, and this is something creators can absolutely get excited about! With this new feature, creators have the opportunity to earn stars, money and more through ads and FB reels. From analytics to resources, creators have tons of tools at the ready.

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IG Gifts

Instagram Gifts are being tested with a small group of creators in the U.S., and if all goes well, it will likely go global. Here, users and fans can send their favorite creators gifts, which turns into money. It's a great way to connect with audiences and turn a profit.

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FB, IG Reels Update

Both Facebook and Instagram have reels updates for creators to look forward to! Creators can expect easier uploading and management via their desktops. They can also upload videos from other apps, making video editing even easier.

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(IG) Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles, or NFTs, can be made by creators on their very own Instagram profiles. From the creation to the selling, all can be done on the app. Meta is testing this out with a small group in the U.S., so it's not accessible everywhere at this point in time.

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(IG) Subscriptions Expansion

By now, you've probably seen Instagram subscriptions, but they're about to expand in a big way! More creators will now be eligible to create a subscription on their pages and allow for one-on-one time with their followers.

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FB Stars

Facebook is updating its Stars tool and allowing even more creators to gain access. With FB Stars, fans and followers are able to give money to their favorite creators. It's a fun way to interact and can be sent with the touch of a button.

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