Still Need to Carve a Pumpkin? Use These Pokémon Carving Stencils

Halloween is nearly upon is, so you'll need to decide how you're carving your pumpkin, stat.

If you ask me, you should probably carve a Pokémon pumpkin. Don't know how? I've created a bunch of stencils below for your carving pleasure.

Once you've cut off the top of your pumpkin and hollowed it out, print your stencil of choice and secure to the pumpkin with tape or pins. Then, use a transfer tool to copy the design to the pumpkin, poking holes to make your guideline for carving. Remove the stencil, then carve and you're done.


Want your Pokémon jack o' lantern to be both adorable and universally recognizable? This cutie is your guy.

Pikachu Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil

Here's what happened when I used this template to carve a watermelon.

Lit up Pikachu carved Halloween watermelon



If you're feeling fiery and adventurous this Halloween, the fire-time starter Pokémon Litten is the perfect feline for your pumpkin.

Litten Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil



Popplio is the subject of a lot of undeserved animosity. If you're Team Popplio, wear it loud and proud with help from this stencil.

Popplio Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil



The grass-type owl Rowlet is a wise Pokémon selection in general, but it's particularly smart when you're deciding how to carve up a pumpkin.




Charizard is both classic and totally fierce. Wear him on your pumpkin to let everyone know you're a Pokémon master.

Charizard Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil


Impressed with my Charizard carving? It looks even better lit up.

Pokémon Charizard pumpkin carving jack o' lantern

Pokémon Charizard pumpkin carving jack o' lantern



Behold the aura of a Lucario o' lantern.

Lucario Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil




If you want your pumpkin to show off your true power, this Mewtwo stencil is calling your name.

 Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil mewtwo




It's not Pikachu! It's Mimikyu! This ghost Pokémon dresses like Pikachu so that people might love it as much as they love Pikachu. It'kind of like a trick-or-treating Pokémon.

Mimikyu Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil




The original ghost-type Pokémon prankster deserves to be carved again and again and again.

Gengar Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil



Last but not least, the pumpkin ghost Pokémon, Pumpkaboo, is another picture-perfect candidate for your pumpkin this Halloween. So meta!

Pumpkaboo Pokémon pumpkin carving stencil


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