Here Are the 14 Cutest Pumpkins You'll See This Year

Halloween is exactly one week away, which means you only have 7 days to create a jack o' lantern that is the most perfect representation of you and the things you obsess over. If you don't already know how to bring your fave thing ever to life in pumpkin form, these 14 gorgeous pop culture pumpkins are the perfect inspo to get you started!


1. Grumpy Cat


(via The New Yorker)

Even Grumpy Cat looks impressed.


2. Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran jack o lantern

(via Tumblr)

What's gingerer than a pumpkin?


3. Divergent


(via Tumblr)

This Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite pumpkin is literally Divergent.


4. 5 Seconds Of Summer

5 seconds of summer pumpkin 5sos jack o lantern

(via PBS)

Real fans will get this pumpkin.


5. Peanuts

linus great pumpkin jack o lantern charlie brown

(via Pumpkin Glow)

It's a great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.


6. Taylor Swift

taylor swift jack o lantern pumpkin

(via Rolling Stone)

Our queen in pumpkin form.


7. Harry Potter

harry potter pumpkin jack o lantern

(via Blogspot)

Either someone said "lumos" or Voldemort is REAL close.


8. Minion

minions jack o lantern pumpkin

(via Extreme Pumpkins)

Banana? No. Pumpkin.


9. Katniss Everdeen

katniss everdeen hunger games jack o lantern pumpkin

(via The Pumpkin Geek)

If you're the ultimate Hunger Games fan, it's not enough to dress like Katniss. You've got to twin with your pumpkin, too.


10. Death Star

death star wars pumpkin jack o lantern

(via Fantasy Pumpkins)

Because we're desperately hoping the new Star Wars will change its release date from Christmas to Halloween.


11. One Direction

one direction jack o lanterns pumpkin

(via Teen)

We're still devastated that Zayn left the band, but it's KIND of an upside we only have to carve 4 of them now…


12. Emoji

emoji pumpkins jack o lantern

(via Ganaf)

Before you start carving your own ridiculously cute emoji pumpkin, you gotta check out the ones that just rolled out.


13. Frozen

olaf frozen pumpkin jack o lantern

(via Park Journey)

Olaf has always dreamed of summer, but we we think he'll like Halloween even better.


14. Starbucks

starbucks pumpkins jack o lantern

(via She Knows)

For all of you on Taylor Swift's long list of Starbucks lovers.


Now that you've got your jack o' lantern inspiration underway, it's time to FINALLY pick out your costume. Click here for the cutest, easiest ideas for you and your BFF!