This Is the Scent You Should Wear Based on the Activity You're Doing

We all want to smell our best at any given time, but with so much inconsistency in our schedules, it's hard to keep up with which fragrance is appropriate to wear when.

Do we wear light body spray? Simply just deodorant? A full-blown perfume?

Everything we take part in calls for a different outfit, and naturally, a different aroma. Keep reading for the scent you should wear based on the activity you're doing.

1. Trip to the Beach

Peachy Keen perfumes are based out of San Diego, so it only makes sense that their two fragrances—Ocean Boulevard and Torrey Pines—smell like a walk along the beach. Founded by female entrepreneur Jeanette Price, these light scents, which were actually concocted during a trip Jeanette took to Morocco, go on strong. We tested out these bad boys, and can tell you firsthand that for those days when you'll be splashing around in the water, you can rely on these spritzes to last.


2. Date Night

For the perfect touch of feminine without smelling too fruity or floral, Urban Outfitters' Acai Baie scent is an absolute delight, packed with notes of acai, lily-of-the-valley and vanilla musk. It's also an excellent transitional aroma from day to night, if you don't have time to go home, shower and change from wherever you are. Best part? It's insanely affordable, clocking in at a whopping $18.


3. De-Stressing

As you know, we're big fans of Saje Natural Wellness over here. From their Relax-O-Ring to their AromaGem Gold Diffuser and accompanying essential oils, their earthy products keep us feeling healthy inside and out. When it comes to destressing, nothing works better wonders than the brand's Natural Perfume Collection. Consisting of five scents—Goddess, Ananda, Yoga, Tantra and Shanthi—each product comes with a special gemstone rollerball and is designed to provide utmost relaxation during yoga, meditation or simply lounging around the house, trying to decompress after a long day. What sets these fragrances apart from many others is each one smells differently on each person. So, even though Shanthi, for example, smells like patchouli in the bottle, after a few minutes on your skin, it's an entirely new aroma.


4. Going to School

When it comes to everyday wear, DefineMe's cruelty-free line of fragrances are the epitome of girly, and we are a fan of the Payton scent in particular. Not only do we love that the aroma is made up of orange blossom, clove buds and musk, but as part of the DefineMe Dollar program, for every full-sized fragrance purchased, $1 goes to scholarships for girls in low-income countries. If Payton's description doesn't sound like your thing, the line encourages girls to take a quiz on their website to determine which scent will suit them best.


5. Playing Sports

When it comes to hitting the field or court, you don't want to distract your teammates with some overpowering musky aroma—but at the same time, you don't want the smell of sweat to interfere with everyone's performance. Maximize sweat prevention with a subtle hint of femininity by using Dove's Invisible Dry Spray Antiperspirant. You'll smell clean as a whistle, promise!


We've selected a few fun fragrance options for various outings, but click HERE to get expert advice on selecting your very own signature scent.