Coolest Electives You Wish Were Real

Social studies, math and english are all doable classes. But, you and I both know, they're not rocking our socks off in the entertainment department.

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If we had it our way, we'd balance the tough classes with electives geared more toward play than work. Take a look at these six fictional electives we only hope will become a part of next year's selection of courses.

1. Social Media 101

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Course Description: This course would be perfect for the tech-savvy girl. At the beginning of the semester you'd be asked to pick one form of social media to focus on (ie. Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). Each day, your teacher would challenge you to post to the social media account and engage with your audience. Over the course of the semester, you would learn to craft witty one-liner statuses, post high-quality pictures with clever captions and write impactful Tweets.

How You're Graded: At the end of the course, you'd be graded based on how much your following grew during the semester. A little challenging, but majorly fun, right?

2. Netflixenomics

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Course Description: On the first day of class, your teacher would present to you a list of Netflix's current shows. Each student would then be asked to pick a television series (to watch from start to finish). Each day, you'd report to the class what episode you were on and how the plot and characters were unfolding. You'd also have to share with the class your fave scene from that episode. Binge-watching would be encouraged. ????

How You're Graded: You'd be graded based on whether or not you finished the entire series and if you presented a thorough synopsis each day. By the end of the semester you'd hopefully be an expert on your show. ????

3. The Art of Flirting

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Course Description: This course would be all about learning the language of love. You'd receive guidance on how to read body language, write the perfect ice-breaking texts and build your confidence so you'd finally have the courage to speak to your crush. ????

How You're Graded: At the end of the semester, you would earn your grade based on whether or not you finally interacted with the crush of your choice.

4. Beauty in the Making

Two young girls applying makeup at a desk

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Course Description: Makeup and hair lovers would rejoice upon enrollment in this class. Each week, a different hairstyle and makeup look would be introduced to the class. Students would take turns practicing on each other and developing their cosmetology skills.

How You're Graded: Not everyone is a hair stylist or makeup artist, so this class would be graded based on completion! If you tried out the hairstyle and makeup look of the week, you'd easily get an A.

5. The Art of Bargain Shopping

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Course Description: After equipping you with bargain-hunting skills, your teacher would assign you weekly items to shop for and even give you a shopping budget! Thrift-store enthusiasts would thrive in this course!

How You're Graded: You're graded on whether or not you find bargain prices. Easy peasy.

6. Foodie Culture

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Course Description: All foodies will agree that more cooking classes need to exist. This epic course would help you broaden your knowledge of cuisine by challenging you to prepare different dishes from around the world. You'd have all week to gather the ingredients and get cooking! What a fun, leisurely and yummy class, right?

How You're Graded: You wouldn't necessarily be graded on how your food tastes, because taste buds are subjective, but you'd be graded on whether or not you completed the assignment and sampled all the foods your classmates presented. One thing is for sure, you'd never have a rumbling tummy in this class.


Sorry we can't wish these electives into existence. We would if we could! One thing we can do is prep your for your first day of class with THESE eight back to school tips.