Everything You Should Know About Country Singer-Songwriter Spencer Crandall

Singer-songwriter Spencer Crandall is one of our favorite breakthrough artists in the country music space, with an approach to songwriting and lyricism that sets him apart from the crowd.

From diving into the powerful emotions of new love in "My Person" to navigating a toxic relationship in "Red Flags" and asking all of the awkward questions that follow a breakup in "What Do We Do Now," he approaches familiar and well-tread topics with a fresh perspective, breathing a vibrant new life into them every time. We can always depend on Spencer to surprise us, and we know that his more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok feel the same. With Spencer's fourth full-length album coming out later this year, he has some big things in his future, and here's everything we learned about him as our latest Man Crush Monday.

Spencer Crandall trivia Man Crush Monday

(Image courtesy of Spencer Crandall)

Name: Spencer Crandall

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Birthday: December 12

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


Fun Facts:

1. Spencer's closer to his mom and dad than anyone else.

"I'm extremely close with my parents. I love doing life with my family because they deeply know and understand me. There is no connection like a son's to his parents. The support and love they've shown me in my life in unmatched and I'm eternally grateful."

-Spencer Crandall

2. The No. 1  thing on his bucket list is to learn to surf.

"I want to try surfing so bad. I watch these TikToks all the time where these guys are just floating on the water and it looks amazing. But for now, I will continue to live vicariously through these jacked surfer bros, through the internet. (I'd also happily accept a free lesson, just putting it out there.)"

-Spencer Crandall


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3. His best subject in school is English.

"Any time I can tell a story or communicate, I'm at my strongest."

-Spencer Crandall

4. His worst subject is probably math.

"I liked math, until college. Then it just got ridiculous and I had to retake business calculus."

-Spencer Crandall

5. He realizes it's odd, but he doesn't really have one favorite animal, as it's always changing.

"Right now, it's horses, especially wild horses. There is something so incredible about watching them run. So free!"

-Spencer Crandall


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6. He's been super into watches recently.

"That's been fun! Doin' a lot of research. My wallet is kind of mad at me, though."

-Spencer Crandall

7. If he could only shop at one place for clothes, he says he'd probably choose H&M.

"It's simple, cheap, and stays pretty up to date with the latest trends. Plus, their jeans fit me really well."

-Spencer Crandall

8. He's pretty specific when it comes to his favorite type of weather.

"I'll take a blue sky, summer day in Colorado, where it's sitting at 82 to 84°, no humidity. Perfection."

-Spencer Crandall


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9. He's not picky about pizza and will eat pretty much any toppings you put in front of him.

"But recently I had pepperoni, jalapeño, pineapple and it kind of changed my life."

-Spencer Crandall

10. The Notebook never fails to make him cry.

11. Above all, Spencer believes the most important thing about him is that he really cares.

"I love what I do. I'm pretty unapologetic about how much I love my job and how much I love connecting with my fans, and I want my music to do for others what music has done for me. Music has given me the soundtrack to my best and worst moments. It has provided me hope when I needed it most. A friend, when I felt I had none. The right words to say when I fell in love. And so much more. I just want my fans to know that I really love and appreciate them, so I give this music thing 110% because I know the impact it can have on someone."

-Spencer Crandall


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