The Force Is Strong In This Star Wars Inspired Nail Art

Get hype, because Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be here in a little over a month — EEEP! If you need something to distract yourself from counting the milliseconds until December 18, gaze upon these stunning Star Wars inspired nail designs. Is there anything better than the combination of Star Wars and nail art? We don't think so!


Princess Leia inspired nail art

We are LIVING for this Princess Leia nail art! The way her iconic side buns are incorporated into the design is beyond adorable.

(via Pinterest)


Yoda nail art

This Yoda nail design goes ALL out to show off just how powerful the Jedi Master truly is.

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Chewbacca nail art

Chewbacca literally comes to life in this nail art. We wonder if Chewie let them borrow some of his fur to get the nails looking so fuzzy!

(via More Nail Polish)


Stormtrooper nails

The amount of detail in these Stormtrooper nails is ridiculous! Is it weird that they kind of freak us out?

(via YouTube)


C3PO nail art

Stay gold, C3PO!

(via IMG Arcade)


Death Star nail art

The Death Star is looking super kawaii!

(via Pinterest)


Darth Vader nail art

Even though he's minuscule in size here, we're still scared of Darth Vader.

(via Deviant Art)


Tatooine sunset nail art

A Tatooine sunset nail design is something we rarely ever see, but we're really feeling this one.

(via Pinterest)


R2-D2 nail art

How does one make R2-D2 look this realistic on a nail?!

(via MTV)


BB-8 nail art

Whoever did this BB-8 nail art seriously deserves all the awards!

(via Geek & Sundry)


Lightsaber nail art

Lightsaber duels reach a whole other level of epic with these nails.

(via Nails Mag)


R2-D2 attacked by Ewoks nail art

Not sure if this Ewok design is cute or creepy…

(via Nails Mag)


Boba Fett nail art

Boba Fett isn't so threatening in nail art form! *secretly prays he doesn't read this*

(via Tumblr)


Star Wars nail art

But nothing is more out of this galaxy amazing than this design of all the characters! OBSESSED!!!!!!

(via IMGUR)


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