6 Post-First Date Texts You Can Send to Secure a Second Meetup

There's a certain high that accompanies a really great first date.

You finally met someone you genuinely like—it feels like you're on top of the world. Unfortunately, it's not long before the anxiety sets in. What if they didn't think the date went as well as you did? What if they didn't like you? What if they never ask you out again?

It's at this moment that a few well-worded text messages might be enough to put your fears to bed. Keep scrolling for six post-first date texts you can send to secure a second meetup.

"I had a nice time tonight. Would love to do it again sometime!"

Asking for a second date doesn't have to be a whole thing. A text that's as simple as saying you'd like to see your date again gets the message across beautifully. By sending this text, you open the door for your crush to ask you out again. It lets them know that you're open to the idea and casually communicates that you wouldn't turn them down, if they do want a second date. Remember, they might not know where you stand, either—it's okay to give them a little help.

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"What a great night. Same time next week?"

A little more forward than the first text, this message skips the back and forth and jumps right into asking your crush out again. If you're a "no games" type of person, this is the perfect text for you. You don't have to rely on your crush to ask you out, and you don't have to spend days stressing about where you stand. Based on their response, you'll get an immediate answer regarding their interest in you. If it's a no, you can move on with your life. If it's a yes, you can spend the next week happily awaiting your second meeting, instead of anxiously checking your phone every five minutes.


"Had so much fun tonight! I'll have to show you my bowling skills sometime, if you're down."

Of course, bowling is just an easy example in this text message. If you're not a good bowler, you should definitely refrain from taking your date to the bowling alley. The important thing in this message is the format. Instead of leaving things open-ended, this text suggests an activity the two of you could do together. Preferably, you should suggest something you both talked about on the date, so it doesn't come out of nowhere. By suggesting an activity, you're avoiding the "yeah, we'll figure something out" trap that many conversations fall into. You show that you're interested in this person, that you were paying attention to your conversation, and that you want a second date on the books, all in one easy text message.

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"I had such a fun time with you! It was really great to hear about [insert something your date talked about]."

This text is probably the most subtle of our post-first date texts. If you tend to get nervous about asking for a second date, this is the message for you. It lets your date know that you had a great time, but it also references something you found particularly impactful about the evening. It's a genuine compliment to your date, and it lets them know that you were listening and fully engaged in the conversation. People want to date people who show interest in them. Something as simple as letting your date know you appreciated them might be enough to secure a second date.


"I'm still smiling thinking about our conversation."

Sweet texts are never a bad idea, especially if you're trying to communicate to your date that you're interested in them. Another subtle message, this text allows you to compliment your date and let them know how much you enjoyed the evening, without having to come right out and say it. It opens the door to a conversation, but it doesn't put any pressure on either of you to set a date for a second meetup right away. You can both feel each other out and gauge the other person's interest, without forcing an answer about a second date too quickly. If all goes well, the two of you will probably arrange another time to hang out within a few days.

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"Tonight's date was so good, I just don't know how we're going to top it."

Flirty vibes are so important in communicating to your date that you're interested in them. And this text definitely packs on the flirtation. It opens the door to a fun and friendly conversation, with just the right amount of coyness to keep your date interested. Not only that, it brings up the idea of a second meetup, but it doesn't force the issue. Even if your date doesn't ask you out right away, it gives you the chance to chat and build your conversation, with the hopeful idea that a second date will follow.


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