As we transition into September and the back-to-school season, our tastes in food change, too.

With the weather cooling down, we’re all about foods that are easy, portable and (most importantly) delicious. We’re always trying out new great foods, from snacks to meals, drinks and more, so we can share the very best with our readers. Curious about what we loved most in August? Just keep scrolling to check out our favorites.

Get Golden

Get Golden sets out to make an easy-to-eat, delicious bar that will actually power you with the energy you need, instead of making you crash. Inside is a blend of almonds, pecans, cashews and quinoa, plus pumpkin, sunflower, chia and sesame seeds, all held together with delicious turmeric coconut butter “caramel.” The result is a vegan bar that’s part salty, part sweet, and all satisfying, with no refined sugars, dairy, gluten or GMOs—and the Salted Chocolate flavor adds chocolate chips. Who can say no to that?

Get Golden Snack Bars

(via Get Golden/Yana Sheptovetskaya)


TBJ Gourmet

TBJ Gourmet’s Bacon Jams might not be exactly what you expect when you first hear the name, but that’s what makes them so good. While the main ingredient is bacon, these spreads really do taste like jam, with a sweet, almost fruity flavor thanks to a combination of bacon, onion and brown sugar. It tastes great on everything from cheese and crackers to breakfasts and more, but we especially love it as a sweet addition to meaty sandwiches.

TBJ Gourmet uncured bacon jam

(via TBJ Gourmet)



When it comes to chips, Takis just hit different, and we think we may have found our new favorite variety in the form of their most recent flavor drop, Blue Heat. The vibrant color isn’t the only thing setting these Takis apart. They’re also spicy, with a hot chili pepper flavor blending heat with tart citrus to make every crunchy bite even more snackable—and we’re not at all surprised that they were a 2022 Product of the Year winner.

Taki's blue heat

(via Taki’s)


Mango Pepsi

Mango Pepsi may sound like an oddity, but it turns out that the sweet tropical fruit and classic Pepsi cola are actually a match made in heaven—as well as another winner for 2022 Product of the Year. The crispness of the cola combines perfectly with the brightness of the mango to create a refreshing summer drink, with a flavor so classic we can hardly believe it hasn’t been around for ages.

Mango Pepsi can

(via Pepsi)


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Remedy Organics

Remedy Organics is a great brand built around holistic wellness, offering both tasty plant-based wellness shakes and immunity shots for overall health of the body as well as the mind. All of their almond milk-based shakes are thick and creamy, with natural ingredients that boost immune support and gut health to muscle recovery and more, while their spicy immunity shots are built for defense, digestion and energy, in addition to supercharging your system with ginger, cayenne and vitamins.

Remedy plant based functional medicine

(via Remedy Organics)


Enlightened Ice Cream

Tired of light ice creams that are also light on flavor? Enlightened Ice Cream manages to craft delicious flavors with less sugar and fewer calories without sacrificing taste. Just let them thaw a bit before digging in to get the great texture you’d expect from classic ice cream, and enjoy pints packed with everything from cookie dough and brownie bits  to toffee pieces and fudge pretzels.

enlightened ice light ice cream pints

(via Enlightened Ice Cream)



Unlike most other brands of nuts dipped in tasty coatings, SkinnyDipped makes the almonds the star, with a light layer of chocolate or yogurt that accentuates the naturally nutty flavor without overpowering it. The balance is perfect, so whether you’re enjoying almonds dipped in super dark sea salt chocolate, or strawberry lemonade-flavored yogurt, it can be tough not to be tempted to eat the whole bag in one sitting. Plus, the brand also offers irresistible, better-for-you peanut butter cups.

SkinnyDipped Chocolate Almonds and Cups

(via SkinnyDipped)


O Positiv GOGO Powder

Having a healthy gut can make all of the difference in how you feel every day, physically and mentally, which is why we love O Positiv’s GOGO Pre + Probiotic Fiber Powder. It supports a healthy digestive tract as well as a microbiome in your gut while having a great mango flavor. Just add a scoop to a glass of water (or juice), mix and chug and you’ll feel well and satisfied. Just drink it quick, unless you want the water to turn to jelly!

O Positiv gogo prebiotic fiber with probiotics

(via O Positiv)


Whoa Dough

Whoa Dough is an ingenious hybrid between edible cookie dough and a protein bar, and we can’t get enough. They truly do taste like cookie dough, but with a snackable protein bar texture, delivering four to five grams of protein in every bar while also being plant-based and free of gluten, soy and artificial flavors. They also come in six cookie dough flavors, so chances are that you’re going to find more than one to fall in love with.

Whoa Dough cookie dougb protein bars

(via Whoa Dough)



YumEarth is an organic candy company that takes all of the classic candies and makes them better. Their new Choco Yums are colorful, candy-coated chocolates that come in classic chocolate, crisp quinoa and mint flavors, with just the right amount of crunch, but the brand also has antioxidant lollipops, juicy Chewy fruit chews and green apple, lemon, orange, strawberry and grape-flavored chewy candy bite “Giggles” for anyone who prefers their candies fruity.

YumEarth choco yums

(via YumEarth)


Me & the Bees

We love lemonade, but don’t love that it’s often packed with tons of added sugar and empty calories. That’s what makes Me & the Bees so special. Founded by Austin, Texas teen Mikaila Ulmer when she was just 4, the brand makes delicious lemonades sweetened with real cane sugar and honey that taste great and are better for you, with way less sugar and calories than the competition, without losing out on flavor. In addition to a Classic flavor, the brand also features innovative flavors like Mint, Ginger, Black Cherry and Prickly Pear, and each one is as deliciously sippable as the last.

Me and the Bees Lemonade flavors

(via Me & the Bees)



Konjac is an incredible root vegetable that grows in parts of Asia, found in many tasty jelly snacks, and Tastelli has made it the key ingredient in their delicious Korean-inspired drinkable jellies. They come in delicious Mango Pineapple, Apple Green Grape and Peach flavors in slurpable packages, and are packed with vitamins C, A and E, plus collagen, with just 10 calories per pouch. They’re just the thing for powering up fast when you’re on an empty stomach.

Tastelli drinkable konjac jelly

(via Tastelli)


Bada Bean Bada Boom

We’d never had roasted broad beans before Bada Bean Bada Boom, but after digging into these crunchy, savory treats, we simply can’t stop eating them. Their texture is amazing—think the crunch of a wasabi pea, but bigger and without the pesky skin—and they come in Sea Salt, Sweet Onion & Mustard, Zesty Ranch, Spicy Wasabi, Sweet Sriracha, Mesquite BBQ, Buffalo Wing, Garlic & Onion and Sweet Cinnamon, so there’s a bean for every flavor mood. They’re nutty and full of protein and fiber, and while we love to eat them right out of the bag, they’re also the most delicious salad-topper, adding flavor as well as crunch to your fave healthy bowls to take them to the next level.

Bada Bean Bada Boom snack bags

(via Bada Bean Bada Boom)


Beckon Ice Cream

If you hadn’t told us what the deal with Beckon Ice Cream was, we would have thought it was just a particularly delicious brand of ice cream, with no clue that it’s totally lactose-free. It’s perfect for the one in four Americans who are lactose intolerant—but it’s great for the rest of us, too, because it’s just as creamy and delicious as the classic stuff. Their recipe uses fresh milk and cream, egg yolks, pure cane sugar and an enzyme that makes the ice cream lactose-free, making every tasty pint worth scooping.

Beckon Ice Cream pints in basket

(via Beckon Ice Cream)


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Good Foods

If you’re looking for a new brand making the best dips, sauces and more, be sure to check out Good Foods. We’ve tried everything from their guacamole to their plant-based queso, tzatziki and buffalo-style dip and it’s all delicious while being made with only the simplest, cleanest ingredients. Just break out the chips or veggies and go to town, and you’ll be happy.

Real Good Foods guacamole and queso

(via Good Foods)


Açaí Exotic

While many packaged açaí foods can tend to be a bit underwhelming, not even getting close to the experience of a premium açaí bowl from a juice shop, Açaí Exotic is something different. These tasty cups come frozen with all of the best bowl ingredients thrown right in, so you get the sweetness of banana, the tart plumpness of whole blueberries, the wholesome taste and texture of granola and the satisfying saltiness of almond butter in every bite, all tied together by the fruitiness of bold açaí. We especially love letting a cup thaw in the fridge overnight to enjoy for breakfast in the morning, but the stronger texture right out of the freezer is great, too.

Acai exotic fruit bowl

(via Açaí Exotic)


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Herbal Revolution

The folks at Herbal Revolution strongly believe in the power of resiliency and tenacity of plants, which is why they’ve created some incredible botanical tonics to share that strength with the world. These raw apple cider tonics blend all-natural plant ingredients to make you feel great, with tasty, but very strong flavors to support warmth, energy, digestion, immunity and more. Whether you’re adding a tablespoon to your favorite drink or sauce or taking it as a daily shot, you’ll definitely feel the effects as soon as they start to kick in.

Herbal Revolution supplement tonics

(via Herbal Revolution)


The Pinole Project

Looking to take your breakfast oatmeal to the next level? The Pinole Project incorporates the Aztec superfood into their oatmeal, using ground heirloom corn and chia seeds to fuel your body with plant-based goodness. These ingredients are known to deliver energy gradually, so you don’t crash during the day, and thanks to the chia seeds, these tasty oatmeals in Original, Banana Cinnamon and PB & Cacao flavors have a great, thick texture, whether you prep them in the microwave or as overnight oats.

The Pinole Project overnight oats

(via The Pinole Project)



Until now, Lupii was best known for its plant-based, bean-filled protein bars, but they’ve just entered the pasta game, and they’re already killing it. Their new elbow, rotini and penne pastas are completely plant-based and are made with just three ingredients, including the humble Mediterranean lupini bean, which is full of protein and fiber. Just cook them up like traditional pasta and add your favorite sauces and toppings (we think cheesy and creamy ones work best) to enjoy an easy, delicious meal that’s simply better for you.

Lupii lupini bean pasta

(via Lupii)



We thought we loved Banza after trying their chickpea pastas back in June, but it turns out their chickpea crust pizzas are even tastier—especially with a little help from their new Masterpiece’za Kit. It comes with three Banza pizzas (two cheese and one plant-based cheese), a container of delicious Farmer’s Fridge pre-cut veggies, a Burlap & Barrel oregano grinder, a Tupperware decorating pen, a pair of Tiny Bites food scissors and a tub of Gotham Greens vegan pesto to turn your pizzas into a canvas for your most delicious creations. The Farmer’s Fridge veggies are perfect for pizza, containing tomatoes, peppers, corn and (most importantly) fresh basil for topping your masterpiece, fresh-ground oregano is a game-changer and Gotham Greens has some of the tastiest pesto we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. The kit is worth it for discovering these amazing new companies alone, and even once you’ve finished the pizzas, you’ll have plenty left over to add a tasty twist to your other favorite foods, too.

Banza Masterpiecezas tablescape

(via Banza)


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We first fell hard for NADI thanks to their delicious, crispy apple chips, and now we adore them even more after getting the chance to sip their wild rosehip juice. Rosehip is a fruit with a flavor that’s part berry-like, part floral, making it sweetly appetizing, while it also delivers immunity-boosting nutrition and antioxidants, plus vitamins C and D as well as potassium. We especially love the pomegranate-flavored NADI drinks, with the perfect hint of tartness.

NADI Wild Rosehip drink

(via Nadi)


Tree Top Favs

When it comes to apple sauce, few brands are more classic than Tree Top, but their new Tree Top FAVs may be our favorite new twist on the childhood treat. They come in easily squeezable packs with twist-off caps and come in unique flavors including Feelin’ Peachy, Orange You Happy?, Strawberry Strong! and Go Bananas! Even better, they’re made with real fruits and veggies to naturally deliver vitamins A, B6, C, D and E, plus zinc, while being as tasty as ever.

Tree Tops Favs apple sauce

(via Tree Top)


Blue Circle Foods

Blue Circle Foods wants to change the way we all eat seafood, using only the most sustainably farmed and wild-caught fish in their tasty offerings. Their Classic Roasted Salmon and Peppered Roasted Salmon are, unsurprisingly, delicious, with the rich smoked flavor in each bite, and just the right amount of seasoning. We have to admit we were a little hesitant to try their Salmon Hot Dogs, but shockingly, they were incredible, too, with minimal fishiness and all of the meaty, salty flavors you’d expect from the grill-time favorite.

Blue Circle Foods roasted salmon and salmon hot dogs

(via Blue Circle Foods)


Mavericks Snacks

Mavericks is all about creating plant-based, junk-free snacks for both kids and kids-at-heart, and their cookies, coming in Non-Stop Choc, Birthday Cake and Double Trouble Choc flavors, are impossible to resist—even with 40% less sugar than your standard cookies. Their graham cracker-like texture makes them extra snackable, and as soon as we ran out, we ran to our nearest Target to restock. They’re that good.

Mavericks cookies in three flavors

(via Mavericks)


Simple Mills Sandwich Cookies

There are few sweet treats more classic than sandwich cookies, and the ones from Simple Mills are some of our new favorites. They take rich cookies in cocoa and peanut butter flavors and cram delicious nut butters between them to make snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth while also filling your tummy.

Simple Mills sandwich cookies

(via Simple Mills)


Haven’s Kitchen

Haven’s Kitchen is dedicated to making it easier than ever to make your own delicious meals at home with the help of delicious, fresh nutritious pre-packaged sauces and flavor starters. We got the chance to try their Best Seller collection, consisting of a flavorful Herby Chimichurri, smoothly spiced Golden Turmeric Tahini, savory Gingery Miso Sauce and basil-packed Edamame Green Goddess, and they all make it super simple to elevate our favorite quick meals into something truly special.

Haven's Kitchen bestseller sauces

(via Haven’s Kitchen)


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Jovē Wellness 

With so many water brands out there, it can be tough to set yourself apart, but we think Jovē Wellness does this quite well. Their alkaline pH 9.5+ water is purified using a reverse osmosis process, making it free from fluoride, BPA and chlorine, with liquid silica added for enhanced cellular hydration. We love its crisp mineral taste, and when we drink it, we simply feel more hydrated and ready to take on our days.

Jovē water: woman drinking from bottle

(via Jovē Wellness)


Maman’s Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookie Boxes

Maman NYC is a bakery, café and restaurant based in New York City—but lucky for all of us, you don’t actually have to live in the middle of the hustle and bustle to try their incredible baked goods, including their Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies. They’re baked to order with each box containing a dozen huge chocolate chip cookies loaded with sizable almonds, macadamia nuts and walnuts to satisfy any nut fanatic. When they arrive, the texture and taste make them seem like they just came out of the oven, and they come in stunning packaging that also makes them the perfect gift.

maman nutty chocolate chip cookies

(via Maman NYC)


Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce

We were pretty fascinated when we found out that a brand called Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce also made chocolate biscuits, and their Dark Chocolate Cherry Chipotle cookies are just as special as they sound. They’re thin with a crisp, biscotti-like texture, and while at first bite, you’ll mainly get the flavor or rich dark chocolate and sweet-yet-tart dried cherries, the chipotle flavor follows shortly afterward to give them a kick that’ll keep you coming back for piece after piece.

lola's fine biscuits dark cherry chipotle

(via Lola’s Fine Hot Sauce)


Alter Eco

In our humble opinion, there is no better type of chocolate bar than truffle bars, and Alter Eco takes their Truffle Thins bars to the next level by pairing incredible tastes with processes that restore forests as they farm. They use regenerative agriculture that mimics an abundant forest ecosystem around their cacao crop, making their chocolate more sustainable. Plus, these bars really do taste incredible with their melty centers and delicious flavors like Salted Caramel and Mint Crème.

Alter Eco truffle things bars

(via Alter Eco)


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Yai’s Thai

Not everyone has the know-how or even the access to create their own delicious Thai curries from scratch, so Yai’s Thai makes it effortless with their rich, perfectly seasoned curry sauces made with the boldest, freshest ingredients. Just simmer your favorite meats and veggies in one of these delectable sauces and serve over rice for an authentic Thai meal that satisfies, without the hassle. We especially love the Yellow Coconut Curry with chicken, potatoes and carrots.

Yai's Thai 3 curries

(via Yai’s Thai)


Kitsby Moon Cakes

2022’s Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional holiday celebrated in Chinese culture, begins Sep. 10, and Taiwanese-American-owned dessert shop Kitsby is celebrating with a stunning range of moon cakes just for the occasion. Moon cakes are baked goods historically eaten during the festival, with a decorative pastry surrounding a thick, sweet filling—and these beautiful cakes with white lotus, black sesame, red bean and green tea fillings also contain a large salted egg yolk in the center, representing the full moon while also complementing the other fillings perfectly. The set also comes with a bag of loose-leaf tea to enjoy with your moon cakes, as per tradition.

Kitsby al star large mooncakes box set

(via Kitsby)


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