The 7 Types of People You'll Meet in College

If you plan on going to college, you've probably heard that there's no other time in life quite like it.

We can't exactly say that this is false, and part of what makes it true is your fellow college students. After all, it's very likely the last time that you'll be surrounded by (mostly) all people that are around your age, not to mention the first time many people are experiencing true freedom from their family. College is a unique and valuable experience, even considering the stress that comes along with it. But no matter what university you attend or how far from home you go to attend it, you'll likely encounter similar types of people. Whether you're already well into your higher education career or just excited about embarking on the next chapter of your life, these are the seven types of people you'll encounter in college.

1. The One Who's Never Left Their Hometown Before This

This will probably be one of the sweetest people you meet early on in your college days, and it'll most likely be during some form of icebreaker activity that you're forced to do. This person is just glad to be there, but they also might be easily scared by the thought of leaving their (small) comfort zone. Our advice? Give them time—they'll crack out of their shell (and probably stop calling their family once a day) eventually. This one can also be described as "the one who goes home almost every weekend," but that depends on how far they moved away.


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2. The One Who Only Came Here to Join Greek Life

Whether they're a "legacy" or not, this person will likely befriend you in week one before immediately ditching you for their "sisters"/"brothers" the moment they find out which sorority or fraternity they got into. While there's nothing wrong with joining Greek life in college, it also shouldn't become your entire persona if you do choose to join it (as this person proves).


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3. The Serial Dater

This person is always in a relationship, even if it's the wrong one. Meanwhile, most people in college can barely get a Tinder match to message back, but that situation doesn't seem so bad when you consider the alternative.


4. The Biomed Who Changes to Psych After Their First Semester

They'll tell you that they want to be a doctor when you meet them during syllabus week, but by the time they're two weeks into their organic chemistry course, it seems that they've suddenly had quite the change of heart (in all honesty, we can't blame them).


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5. The One Who You Only See on Exam Days

They were there on day one, then you never saw them again and assumed they dropped the class. Until the next exam, that is, when they miraculously show up perfectly on time, sit silently, take the test and leave after turning it in like a ghost who you'll never see again until the next scheduled exam. Somehow they continue to pass (unless the professor decides to start grading on attendance, anyway).


6. The Mature Student

No, that person sitting three desks behind you is not someone else's parent. We have all the respect in the world for people who go back to school at a later age, especially given how difficult it can be and how they really want to better themselves.


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7. The One Who Talks About When They Lived In A Foreign Country (When All They Did Was Study Abroad)

He/she will tell you all about their experiences "living" in Florence/Paris/London/other popular study abroad destination, meanwhile, they were really only there for a four-week course that was a lot less culturally immersive than they'll make it seem.


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While these are all based on certain tropes that don't always ring true, you won't be able to help but notice seeing at least a few of these types of people in college. But if you want to read about some things that are not so true about this time of your life, click HERE to check out our list of false stereotypes about college.