Three Major Mood-Killers to Avoid on Your First Date, Based on My Experience

A first date can be a magical experience when everything goes well, but one minor slip-up can ruin the whole evening.

I learned a lot from the first date I ever went on, including some moments that can instantly steer the vibe from top-tier to get me out of here.

If you want your first date—or your next first date—to be a success, keep reading and make sure you avoid the three mood-killers below:

Don't Leave an Open Space for Awkward Silence

It may feel a little weird being on a date with someone you really like (especially if you hardly know them), but try to get a conversation started. My first date was with someone I'd been crushing on for years. When the night came for our first date, it had to go well, because I had been waiting for what felt like forever, and I was totally hung up on him.

We went to see a movie, and when we were waiting in line for popcorn, we talked about our goals in life and about the latest drama at school with the people we knew. Had we stood around in awkward silence, I would've missed out on getting to know him better. That simple conversation helped us hit it off.

Seemingly simple conversations are good bonding moments between two people getting to know each other better. Before your first date, make a mental list of topics you can use to fill any silence. You can talk about your favorite movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, hobbies, classes, current events, whatever!

How I Met Your Mother: Ted and Robin sit awkwardly on the couch

(How I Met Your Mother via FOX)


Don't Bring Up Past Relationships

Teenagers can be pretty easy to scare with talk of past breakups, especially if you don't really know each other. Unless your date brings up their last relationship and why it ended, you should never say, "So, tell me about your last significant other" on a first date. Your date may have never had a relationship before, and bringing up relationships up could embarrass them.

Bringing up an ex could also make them think you're too interested, or trying to get involved in their personal life. Plus, knowing too much about someone's past could ruin your night or make it awkward. If they bring up the topic, don't overshare about your past, either. Wait until the two of you get to know and trust each other better before the topic turns to exes.

Riverdale: Betty and Jughead cuddling at Pop's Diner

(Riverdale via The CW)


Don't Make the First Move (Unless They Want You to)

When I was sitting in the movie theater with my date, I turned to him in the middle of the movie and said, "You can kiss me if you want." Bad move right there, ladies. This minor slip-up was just flat-out awkward. We were having a good time, so I thought he wanted to make a move, but the kiss was weird… even though we really liked each other. He wasn't ready yet, and my interjection threw off his game.

Bringing up the word "kiss" can freak someone out, especially if they're shy. If you think your date's going to kiss you, let them make the move— unless they specifically tell you it would be nice if you did. Trust me, it's a lot less awkward and more special when they initiate the first kiss.

Friends: Monica and Chandler embracing

(Friends via NBC)

Avoiding these don'ts can help make your first date a great, memorable night. And, of course, avoid all the more obvious no-nos: obnoxious laughing, chewing with your mouth open, interrupting, being rude to waitstaff… These are no-brainers.

Eliminating the biggies (basically, don't be gross or a jerk) plus the three mentioned above can help you nail the first date so that many more are likely to follow. And if you're on a date that's not going well, don't stress. It's only one night out of your life, and you can start looking forward to your next first date. On the flip side, you can think of it as extra practice for the better dates that lie ahead.

Remember, never let a date—or even an awkward encounter with someone you really like—ruin your night. Keep your head up and remember these tips for your next night out.


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