10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of April 15, 2022

It's Easter weekend, at last, making it the perfect time to kick back and soak in some warm and inspiring new tunes.

Not sure what tracks belong on your playlist? There's no need to fret, because this week we were blessed with hot new songs by everyone from our favorite rising artists to some of the biggest stars in the biz, including Conan Gray and Lizzo. Just keep scrolling to discover 10 big things that happened in music the week of April 15, 2022.

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1. Motel Radio Settle Down in 'Wise'

We have to admit we didn't know New Orleans indie group Motel Radio before this week, but they've instantly won us over with their chill summery sound, and we know this track is about to earn them even more devoted fans. It's a song about being wildly in love and the way that can change your priorities for the better, and we adore its nostalgic vibes. "'Wise' is a song about growing up and realizing what is important," the band's Winston Triolo explained in a press release. "I wrote it soon after moving in with my girlfriend back in late 2019. This was a time in my life where I had a lot of opportunities to go out and party with friends, but I opted to stay home and hang with my girl. I could have kept doing all of the same stuff as before, but I felt myself growing out of that. I wanted to spend time with my girl, and that's what became most important to me."


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2. Boyish Address Dating Anxiety With 'I Think I Hate It Here'

If you've ever felt undateable due to your mental health, you should know you're not alone—and Boyish's new single "I Think I Hate It Here" is proof. The queer alt duo's latest song is based on a true story about wishing you could be what someone needs, with its upbeat and melodic sound contrasting with the anguish in the lyrics. "'I Think I Hate it Here' was written after a fight with an ex on a date night at the movies," guitarist Claire Altendahl explained in a press release. "For a long time I had been very anxious in movie theaters, and this particular fight was about how their anxiety ruined the night. The song is about feeling like you can't match what someone wants from you. I always have had this deep fear that the more anxious someone realizes I am, the more turned off they will be. I feel like sometimes I can't do normal things that other people like to do on dates, so this song comes from a place of feeling undateable. It's like the build up of a lifetime of feeling like you're missing out on the little things, into one big burst of energy, but really behind it all there's a lot of self-doubt and insecurity."


3. Luke Sital-Singh Ponders Change in 'Dressing Like a Stranger'

Luke Sital-Singh is another fantastic artist we were previously unfamiliar with, and if you don't already know him, you should remedy that immediately. The British singer-songwriter's soothing new track, "Dressing Like a Stranger," is an introspective look at the ways we change over time, and an exploration of the origins of those transformations.  "'Dressing Like A Stranger' is about looking back at yourself and noticing the ways you've changed and what has and hasn't changed you," Luke explained in a press release. "In retrospect, it sounds like I was exploring how I had changed or not changed since moving to L.A. Have I changed or do I just wear different clothes because it's hot? I bought a guitar from a local store in L.A. I found it a very inspiring instrument, and I used it throughout the record. I wrote 'Dressing Like A Stranger' the minute I got home with the new guitar."


4. AVIV Drops Her Confessional Drowning in the Culture EP

16-year-old pop singer-songwriter AVIV has a way with words that completely blows us away—especially when paired with her dreamy voice—and her new Drowning in the Culture EP feels like the perfect summation of where she is in her life right now. All eight songs are masterful, but right now, we especially love the intro track "How Can You Smile." "'How Can You Smile' is a really important song to me because it is so personal and representative of my emotions?" AVIV revealed in an interview with Sweety High.  I've always been very aware of my feelings, and that scared me when I started building relationships. I had to learn the fine line of relying on someone else without feeling like you're bugging them or a liability.


5. Victoria Anthony Perfectly Captures the Essence of Having a Crush in 'Kinda Into You'

Looking for that perfect song about crushing hard to add to all your lovey-dovey playlists?  Victoria Anthony's newest track "Kinda Into You" has you covered. It's a catchy, feel-good track about the thrill of new love, and we think you're about to be hearing it everywhere. "I wrote 'Kinda Into You' about a crush, a new person in my life," Victoria told Sweety High in an interview. "I was just coming out of a rough patch and finally getting myself back. I met this guy and immediately felt drawn to him. I was so ready for a new chapter of my life and it all just felt so fun. When you don't really know someone yet, they're perfect to you. Everything is exciting, new and happy. It's like, 'I don't really know you but I'm definitely kinda into you.' I wanted to capture that blissful, playful feeling in this song."


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6. Mt. Joy Announce Next Album With 'Orange Blood'

Philadelphia-based quintet Mt. Joy is one of our favorite rock bands making music at the moment, and their new single "Orange Blood" isn't just a vibrant, swelling ode to the sunlight that gives us all life, but it's also the title track of their newly announced next album, out June 17. We can never resist singing along to their anthemic tracks, and "Orange Blood" is no different. "I was definitely drawn to the color orange," singer Matt Quinn explained in a press release. "When we were in the desert, everything revolved around the sun. I started playing with the idea that the light we see is this sort of orange blood that runs through all of us and gives life to everything it touches."


7. Lyn Lapid Reveals Her Debut EP, The Outsider

We've loved watching Lyn Lapid's musical journey from her very first viral hit, "Producer Man" on TikTok, and seeing her release her debut EP, The Outsider, feels like seeing her come full circle. The classically trained singer-songwriter and instrumentalist has a unique and authentic approach to songwriting we can't get enough of, and the EP title track, "The Outsider" is one we've been listening to on repeat since it dropped in March. "I wrote 'The Outsider" at the end of the summer when all of my old high school friends were moving away for college,"Lyn revealed to Sweety High in an interview. "I knew my friends would start making new memories with new friends, and I'd have to watch it all from a distance. All of it made me feel like such an outsider, because I chose not to follow the traditional four-year college route. Watching my closest friends slowly become distant was super bittersweet, and that's what I wanted to capture in 'The Outsider.'"


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8. SHINee's Onew Shares His Second Solo EP, DICE

There's a good reason SHINee are legends in the K-pop world, and member Onew has proven that he's just as capable as a solo artist as he is in a group. He just dropped his second solo EP, DICE, showcasing his bright sound, his amazing voice and his ear for tracks that transcend genres (and borders, too). A music video for the effervescent title track also dropped this week, and like all of the very best K-pop songs, you don't have to speak a word of Korean to feel the meaning in every line.


9. Conan Gray Teases Sophomore Album With New Song'Memories'

Platinum-selling musical sensation Conan Gray just announced his second album, Superache, which will be out on June 24, and his new single "Memories" feels like the perfect introduction to his next set of unforgettable tracks. It's a heartrending breakup track about being totally unable to get over someone, no matter how much time passes—especially because they keep showing up and giving you hope. It's the heartache anthem we didn't know we needed in our lives, and it's destined to become a lasting hit.


10. Lizzo Turns Up the Music in 'About Damn Time'

At this point, we don't think Lizzo is capable of releasing a bad song, and her latest, "About Damn Time" is primed to be the song of the summer. It's a ridiculously danceable and upbeat ode to overcoming stress and the pressures of life while feeling sexy and confident in yourself, and just listening to us makes us feel powerful. "Have you been feeling stressed?" Lizzo asked on her Instagram. "Have you also been feeling sexy? Well I got the remedy for you…" We also learned this week that Lizzo will be releasing her next album Special on July 15, and if this song is any indication, it's likely to be her best yet. We plan to blast this one this weekend, unwind and really feel ourselves.


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