Divergent Costume Tutorial: Be Tris Prior For Halloween!

In our latest girl power-inspired Halloween tutorial, we'll show you how to dress as Divergent's Beatrice "Tris" Prior with a Dauntless edge!tris prior divergent costume

Though Tris was born into the selfless Abnegation faction, she decides to leave her family behind and join Dauntless, where her courage and cunning are constantly tested. She hides the fact that she's actually Divergent, meaning that she doesn't belong to any one faction, which makes her unstoppable!

Today's tutorial reveals how to dress as Tris once she makes the transition to Dauntless!

Begin with the top! Tris's long-sleeved top is black with funky grey accents,but any variation will do! A plain grey or black top will work fine, but if you can find shirt in those colors with bold, blocky shapes, you'll really embody Tris's look!

Next, find the perfect pair of leggings to pair with the top. Again, black leggings will work out great, but a pair with grey lining are even better!

Top the look off with a fitting leather or faux-leather jacket plus your favorite pair of short boots!

Finally, complete the costume with Tris's signature raven tattoos! You can buy temporary tattoos like hers online, or get a temporary tattoo marker and draw them on yourself!

Hope you love this look! If you'd like to check out event more ideas, see them listed below, and if you love Divergent, be sure to join our fan club at Sweety High!