These Tasty Gifts Are Sure to Satisfy the Foodie in Your Life This Holiday Season

Shopping for your favorite foodies this holiday season? Only the tastiest, most premium gifts will do—so you've come to precisely the right place.

That's because we've been spending these past months sampling the best of the best in desserts, charcuterie, coffee and more to separate the good from the great when it comes to tasty gifts. Curious about what we loved? Just keep scrolling for all of the pieces your foodie friends will love in 2022.

Maman NYC Seasonal Cookie Gift Box: $40+

Maman NYC has some of the most scrumptious fresh-baked cookies we've had the pleasure of eating, and no foodie will be disappointed to receive a box of them, come Christmastime. Their Seasonal Cookie Gift Boxes come in sets of eight to 12 cookies, available in variety packs or single flavors, and while each and every one is a delight, we think their Vegan Cinnamon Snickerdoodles are just the thing to tickle the tastebuds around the holidays.

Maman NYC Seasonal Cookie Gift Box

(via Maman NYC)


XO Marshmallow 2022 Advent Calendar: $54.95

XO Marshmallow is famous for its soft, hand-cut marshmallows in unforgettable flavors, so why just gift one variety when you can share a whole advent calendar? This Marshmallow Advent Calendar includes 25 different marshmallows for every day of December until Christmas, to keep your favorite sweet tooth coming back every day for more deliciousness.

XO Marshmallow 2022 Advent Calendar

(via XO Marshmallow)


Sizzlefish Smoked Fish Smorgasbord: $88.95

Recently, we've been obsessed with adding rich, smoked fish to charcuterie boards, and any foodie will fall in love after trying this Smoked Fish Smorgasbord from Sizzlefish. To cover all of the bases, it includes five different items—Cajun smoked salmon, gravlax salmon, smoked Atlantic salmon, salmon bacon and pastrami-style smoked salmon—each offering their own unique flavor profiles. It also ships frozen, so the recipient won't feel forced to eat it all at once.

Sizzlefish Smoked Fish Smorgasbord

(via Sizzlefish)


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Platterful Charcuterie Kit: $99

For the person who loves perfectly crafted plates, but doesn't have a lot of time to put them together, Platterful has amazing charcuterie kits that take out all of the shopping and guesswork. Offerings change every month, but a large kit includes three cheeses, two meats, one or two crackers packs and two to three spreadables, plus accompaniments such as dried fruits, olives, candied nuts, chocolate and more. It also comes with instructions to doll things up, making your giftee look like a charcuterie hero while entertaining their guests. Cross your fingers they invite you over to enjoy with them!

Platterful Charcuterie Kit

(via Platterful)


MeatCrafters Salami World Tour Bundle: $85.74

If you can't tell already, this is a meat-heavy gift guide, and for good reason. MeatCrafters has some amazing options, whether you're gifting for a grillmaster or just someone who loves to snack, but if you know someone who loves a classic spread of meat, cheese and crackers, their Salami World Your Bundle is about to have them obsessed. There's something about freshly cut dry salami that's particularly mouth-watering, and this bundle including Soppressata, Fennel, Cinta, Ararat, Chajari and Pamplona salamis will help them find a favorite variety in decadence.

MeatCrafters Salami World Tour Bundle

(via MeatCrafters)


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Cometeer Holiday Collection: $99

If you're buying a gift for a coffee snob, we can't recommend any brand more than we do Cometeer. Their innovative and absurdly delicious coffees are precision-brewed and then flash-frozen into pods, so making the best cup of coffee you've ever had is as easy as melting the pod's contents in water (plus milk and sweetener, if desired). This Holiday Collection includes an Ethiopian light roast, Peruvian medium roast and South and Central American dark roast, each with their own tempting flavor notes, and also comes with the most stylish glazed mug.

Cometeer East Fork Collection

(via Cometeer)


Yiayia and Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Garlic: $44

Fancy olive oils elevate any meal, and this Yiayia and Friends bottle of Greek extra virgin olive oil is flavored with garlic and comes in a cute and stylish bottle. Whether they use it for cooking or simply dipping bread, they're sure to become fast fans of this oil, and its container will mean they'll want to keep it displayed, too.

Yia Yia and Friends Extra Virgin Olive Oil With Garlic

(via Patet)


Columbus Charcuterie Tasting Board: $17.99

For a more cost-effective approach to simple charcuterie, Columbus has you covered. Their simple packs come ready with all of the crackers, meats and cheeses needed for a great board—plus other accompaniments for good measure—at a fraction of the cost of other brands, so you can spoil the foodie in your life without draining your bank account.

Columbus Charcuterie Tasting Board

(via Columbus Craft Meats)


Mercado Famous The Grazer Bundle: $52

And for the meat lovers out there who want an option with a bit of Spanish flair, there's Mercado Famous. There's a good reason Spain's charcuterie is known around the world, and with this Grazer Bundle of 100% Ibérico Chorizo, Salchichón, Lomo and Jamón, you might just introduce someone to their favorite new brand for stunningly tasty displays.

Mercado Famous The Grazer Bundle

(via Mercado Famous)


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Gardinnovations All-in-One Culinary Cutting Board: $79.95

If you know someone who's going to be showered in charcuterie gifts this year, make sure they also have a board to serve it on! This Gardinnovations Culinary Cutting Board is stylish enough for serving while also made to be highly functional, with knife-sharpening stones on each side, a built-in mortar and pestle and even a food storage compartment. Whether they love to cook or host, this item will soon become their best friend.

Gardinnovations All-in-One Culinary Cutting Boarrd

(via Amazon)


McConnell's Fine Ice Creams Holiday Bundle: $58

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams has some of our favorite dreamy, creamy dessert options all year round, but they've really outdone themselves with their new Holiday Bundle. It consists of five tasty flavors, including peppermint candy and cookie-filled Reindeer Tracks, festive Pumpkin Caramel & Candied Pecans, cinnamony Egg Nog & Snickerdoodle Swirl, minty Peppermint Stick and classic Vanilla Pint. Five pints may seem like a lot, but they'll disappear from an ice cream fan's freezer faster than you know.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams Holiday Bundle

(via McConnell's Fine Ice Creams)



Mochidoki Hosting Gift Set: $140

Mochi is another delicious and indulgent frozen dessert, and Mochidoki pairs pillowy, chewy dough with the most memorable ice cream flavors to create treats that are an experience in themselves. This Hosting Gift Set includes eight yummy flavors—Vanilla Chip, Strawberry, Cake Batter, Matcha, Black Sesame, Purple Sweet Potato, Mango and Passion Fruit—plus serving plates, bamboo tongs and tea towels, to create a taste-testing event perfect for parties.

Mochidoki Hosting Gift Set

(via Mochidoki)


Chefs Life Ultimate Trio Gift Box: $49.99

High-quality cooking oils make a great gift for any chef, and this trio, developed by celebrity chef Brian Malarkey, is sure to impress. It comes with a cooking oil made from a blend of avocado, olive, sunflower and grapeseed oils, an EVOO, avocado and grapeseed blending oil and an extra virgin olive oil finishing oil for every tasty step of the meal.

Chefs Life 3 oil bundle

(via Amazon)


Sugar Lab Sushi Roll Bonbons: $24.99

The folks at Sugar Lab call themselves the first "digital bakery," concocting incredible 3D-printed confections like you've never seen, and their Sushi Roll Bonbons are guaranteed to impress this holiday season. They're printed using powdered sugar to look like iconic sushi rolls, emulating the texture of crab sticks and marbled salmon, and filled with yummy ganache for a flavor that's as unexpected and wonderful as the look. Half are flavored with hojicha, or roasted green tea, in the chocolate, while the other half feature nutty sesame tahini, and we honestly can't pick a favorite.

Sugar Lab Sushi Roll Bonbons

(via Sugar Lab)


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