Hoss the Smiling Dog Is Taking Over the Twittersphere

This video of a smiling pup is taking the Twitter world by storm.

Last week, Twitter user Abi Tuttle posted a video of her adorable dog, Hoss.

In the video, Hoss is staring absentmindedly into the distance, comfortably relaxing on his owner's leg. As he becomes aware that the camera is on him, he turns to face the lens and flashes a brilliant grin.

Given how adorable he is and his naturally photogenic qualities, it makes sense that Twitter simply can't handle Hoss' cuteness.

Some users were not content with just a single video of their new favorite celebrity:

While other users decided to develop their own personal fan club:

But basically all users agreed that Hoss is our newest obsession:

We love you, Hoss! Don't ever stop smiling.


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