Aries Marks the Astrological New Year—Here's How to Make the Most of It

The spring equinox also marks the start of Aries season, bringing in the Astrological New Year.

Why is this time of year so critical? We got the chance to speak to intuitive astrologer Natalie Holbrook to find out. Keep reading to find out what she had to say about the importance of the Astrological New Year and the role of Aries—and why now is the perfect time to set an Astrological New Year's resolution.

Why Aries Is the First Sign of the Zodiac

Natalie Holbrook: When we look to the beginning of time and the glooming existential question arises, "Where did we come from," there are two expected answers: The Big Bang Theory, which leads us to believe we are remnants of the molecules and stardust formed during this fiery combustion, or as the Bible will depict, from our ancestors who partook of the forbidden fruit (very Aries, btw, as Aries love challenging rules!), in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve. Whichever rings true for you, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is the prized first sign that pertains to both stories.

One could say Aries is the cosmic birth child of the Big Bang, the theory that something was created out of "nothing"—that "nothing" being energy, fire and heat, and exactly what our first fire sign represents. Aries is all about the ignition, ambition, speed, passion, the spark, the start, and yes, for better or worse—massive explosions.

But what about the Bible, you ask? Yep, the Aries ram, on an objective level, even snagged a starring role here, too. Before a ram is a year old, it is called a lamb, and if you've ever gone to a Christian church or picked up a Bible, you may recall hearing something like, "The lamb of God slain from the beginning of the world." The lamb (or in our case, ram) was shown as a sacrifice for us to live our lives in human bodies with free will, independence and agency, three pieces that exemplify Aries energy.

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The Astrological New Year

NH: As Aries season kicks off our New Year, the vibration here follows its mantra, "I am." It is a time to focus on you, your inner self, your external self, your physical self and all of the pieces of you: financially, spiritually, sexually, professionally, etc. Maybe it's a new workout, a healthier routine, therapist, friends, lovers or a fresh project at work. The Aries vibe craves newness to expand its life and sense of purpose. The fire within you becomes ignited. It's a thin line to walk between starting new projects, creating new habits and completely overdoing it. Remember, Aries is like the child of the zodiac, we must crawl before we run—so we must pace ourselves here, regardless of the urge to dive into the deep end headfirst.


The Power of Aries Energies

NH: Think of Aries as the Navy Seal of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Mars, it shines with athletic energy and a brave heart, loaded with a constant need for movement, of the physical body and the intellectual mind, and an eagerness for play and exploration. Let's get physical! Get outside or commit to a movement practice that lights your fire. Make sure that creativity, silliness and childlike wonder are staples in your life, even if you have to schedule it into your busy-bee calendar. Fun and laughter are necessary fuels to keep work and seriousness in balance to achieve all of your goals.

Aries season encourages us to look at our sense of self, independence and self-awareness. Become aware of how you are around others and question if you show all of you to the world, and if not, why? As Libra is its polar opposite sign, check in on your relationships and if you feel a balance in equality, sharing and acknowledgment. Write a love letter to yourself and dote on what you love about you. Really feel yourself here! Then, incorporate qualities you'd like to improve upon, or what you'd like to transform. This is the most empowering season of you, so take advantage! Write out who is the future version of yourself you'd like to start embodying now and go for it! As Lady Gaga, one of our favorite Aries, urges, "I'm a free b****, baby." Yes, you are! Create yo'self!

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Creating an Astrological New Year's Resolution

NH: The Astrological New Year is different from the Western period we're used to, as it falls into alignment with the seasons and cycles of the Earth. The spring, and Zodiac New Year, is the time of awakening, shaking off winter blues and hibernation periods, and moving out of the states of dreaming into the state of doing. We begin to witness the small sprouts and buds emerging from the intentions we set while in the darkness. When we're in Aries season, the darkness of winter has lifted and we can see more clearly, proving this an ideal time to set more resonant goals:

Take advantage of these three key qualities and journal on these questions this Aries season:

    • Courage: Where can you step up to the plate and boldly take responsibility for the life that is yours?
    • Determination: What is your "Why"? What do you care so much about that you can harness laser-sharp focus to achieve? And for extra credit, complete in its entirety without burning out?
    • Trailblazing: Take the initiative with the determination and courage of the fire nestled within you that is burning to be actualized. Try out the idea. Start the group. Sign up for the class. Lead others along the way and share your authentic magic.

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Some Goals for Spring

NH: The spring equinox is the time of year when we have a balance in the day of light and dark, and a beautiful example for us to accept the duality of lightness and darkness that lives inside of us. Try out the ritual of recognizing any pieces of yourself that you may judge yourself for and begin to give compassion to those parts of you.

Spring clean! Out with the old and in with the new. Take a full day, or however many feel refreshing, to clean out your fridge, closet and especially your mind, to rid of items and thought patterns that are ready to go.

Look at where you can bring more balance into your life. Take note of your conversations. Are you listening as much as speaking? Are you enjoying life as much as working? Are you eating foods that make you feel balanced, energetic, and sleeping enough hours to bring you peace?

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Other Things to Know About Aries Season

NH: In the body, Aries rules the head, inflammation and skin disorders dealing with heat. Think of this as too much fire in your constitution. If you're experiencing headaches, rashes, allergies or issues because of stress, take note that you're living in the shadow of Aries energy by going too fast or allowing the overwhelm to build up toxins in your body. These issues can be relieved by the practices that help you release stress. Solidify exercise into your routine, and remove pent-up thoughts in your mind by working with a mindset or energy healer/coach.


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