10 Things You Can Do When You Want to Embrace Being Alone

Some days, you're all about day-long hangs with your BFFs, or Zoom sessions with your girls that take you into the late hours of the night. Then there are times when the only company you want is your own.

While people love to categorize themselves as "extroverts" (people who get energy from being around others) or "introverts" (those who are energized by quiet solo time), the truth is that we can all benefit from spending time alone.

If you aren'someone who naturally spends a lot of time hanging out solo, though, you may wonder…what the heck do I even do? While there is zero shame in binge-watching Friends yet again, here are 10 ideas for how to spend solo time that may make you reconsider what you can do by yourself.

Dig Through Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet may not sound like the most fun activity, but think of it like shopping your closet. There's bound to be some old sweater you thought you lost that you'll be thrilled to find again. (Cue up Taylor Swift's "cardigan," please.) Plus, making room in your closet by donating things that are so not you anymore just means more room for when you shop later on.


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Read a Book You Used to Love

There's something so nostalgic about reading a book you loved but hadn't read in years—it's like revisiting an old friend. Curl up into a comfy part of your house and get carried away!


Watch the Movie Your Friends Didn't Want to See in Theaters

There's probably a movie that you never saw because your friends vetoed it in favor of going to see the latest Marvel movie (again). Now is your chance to make some popcorn and see what you were missing.


Make Birthday Cards for Your Friends

You don't need to be an amazing artist to create cute cards for your friends—there are a ton of birthday card tutorials online that range from simple to show-stopping. By the time your friend's big day rolls around, you'll already have something sweet and personal to show them.


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Do an Online Workout Class

If you were always intimidated by in-person Zumba (hi, me) now is your chance to try the workout virtually without anyone around to judge you for missteps.


Make Your Favorite Dessert From Scratch

Obsessed with your local Italian restaurant's tiramisu or the Oreo cake from The Cheesecake Factory? Try making it yourself! While you may not get the recipe exactly right, at least you'll have a sweet treat at the end of your experiment.


Actually Watch That Show Your Friend Told You to Check Out

At least the first episode! You may not love that new Hulu series as much as they do, but at least you'll be able to talk to them about it when they inevitably text you to see if you've tried it.


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Dance to Your Favorite Artist's First Album

When was the last time you heard Ariana Grande's The Way?


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Finally Make One of Those TikTok Crafts

Whether it's a cool DIY headboard for your room or a cute friendship bracelet, TikTok has a ton of ideas that will definitely help occupy you when you're taking a break from socializing.


Start a Journal

Forget the "Dear Diary" monologues you've seen in movies. Your journal can be anything you want it to be, from a series of lists to random notes about your day. It's for your eyes only, so have fun with it!

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