8 Phrases Said by Every Catholic School Teacher

Catholic school can be a doozy.

Knee-length uniforms and nuns left and right can be a bit of an adjustment, but if you've ever had to attend Catholic school, the below phrases will have you saying "amen!" in agreement because we know you've heard 'em from  teachers.

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"Leave some room for the holy spirit!"

When you and your S.O. are slow dancing at a school function, you can surely count on one of the teachers to squeeze in between you two with this classic phrase.


"You know the rules! Skirts should touch the floor when you kneel."

This common saying will have you tugging at your uniform in no time! Students love to roll up their skirts to achieve shorter lengths, and teachers love catching them in the act.


"Head to the Superior Nun's office now!"

This is the definitive phrase that lets you know you're in deep trouble. Your Superior Nun doesn't mess around, and her office is the last place you want to be sent.


"Come on child, hold hands for the community."

When you're embarrassed to hold your crush's hand during the "Our Father," there's nothing worse than being forced to do so by a teacher. It seems like they always know exactly when you're the most nervous. Sweaty palms are a given after you're forced to hold hands, adding even more embarrassment to the ordeal!


"How long ago did you confess?"

This is the most dreaded phrase as you enter confessional. You're there to confess, so you don't necessarily want to lie, but 'fessing up to having gone months without confessing is also a pain!


"Friday is free dress day!"

Knowing you'll be able to skip your uniform and wear plain clothes is a treat for every Catholic school kid. This phrase is announced by teachers whenever your class behaves all week.


"Make sure your outfit is all white!"

Catholic school teachers aren't huge fashionistas but this is the one style pointer you get when it comes to your holy communion.


"Call your parents to get you changed before mass!"

There's nothing more mortifying than figuring out you mixed up your uniform. Being sent home to change is the worst!


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