Did You Know You Can Visit Your Fave Disney Princess Palaces IRL?

You know how whenever you watch Disney Princess movies, you get just a little bit envious that they're living it up in a castle and you aren't?

Well, turns out there's no need to be jealous, because all of those gorgeous residences are based on real-life palaces from around the world you can visit on your own.

We know you're probably floored by the knowledge bomb we just dropped, so we can only imagine your reaction when you see how spectacular these castles truly are!


1. The Beast's Castle in Beauty and the Beast

The Beast's ominous castle was inspired by the Chateau du Chambord in France. Upon seeing this piece of work, animator Glen Keane knew it was meant to be the Beast's not-so-humble abode.


2. Elsa's Ice Castle in Frozen

There's no denying that Elsa's ice palace is a visual masterpiece, but what's even cooler is knowing the film's directors and producers drew inspiration from the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Canada. If you're ever in Canada, you can stay in this hotel and live out your ice queen dream.


3. The Evil Queen's Castle in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 

The Segovia Castle in Spain gave Walt Disney plenty to work with when he needed to craft the Evil Queen's palace in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


4. Merida's Castle in Brave

Pixar's animation team visited Scotland and were immediately taken by its natural beauty, especially the Dunnottar Castle. The landscape in the film is spot on.


5. Aurora's Castle in Sleeping Beauty

After staying with his family in The Neuschwanstein Castle, Walt Disney modeled Aurora's castle after this German castle. The resemblance in this one is uncanny!

6. Rapunzel's Castle in Tangled

Mont Saint-Michel in France served as a catalyst for supervising animator and executive producer Glen Keane in creating the fictional kingdom of Corona. He was immediately taken by its fairytale feel and fantastical surrounding body of water.


7. Jasmine's Castle in Aladdin

This one is pretty obvious, but clearly Jasmine's castle is strikingly similar to the Taj Mahal in India.


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