Are You Braver Than Taylor Swift & Ariana Grande?

If you've ever screamed so hard you coughed up a lung on Halloween night, you aren't alone. These 13 celebs have experienced some pretty terrifying moments, too. Experience it with them all over again by watching the videos below. We hope you're braver than they are!


Shawn Mendes startling Camila Cabello on the red carpet is probs the cutest thing you will see today. WE SHIP THIS SO HARD!


Ally Brooke Hernandez got mad creepy when scaring Normani Kordeau. We're not digging those Slender Man vibes!


Not even a tough dude like Cody Saintgnue can make it through Halloween Horror Nights without getting totally freaked out.


Alexander Ludwig is definitely one of the buffest dudes on the planet, so seeing his reaction to getting scared by Nina Dobrev just makes us feel that much better.


That moment when you want to be a bug so you can be that much closer to One Direction…


Honestly though, why are bugs even a thing?!?! Props to Jade from Little Mix for slaying that song WHILE a bug was crawling all up in her hair.


It's alright, Austin Mahone, we'd scream loud enough for the entire world to hear us too if we were stuck in that maze. Ain't nobody got time for that!


Chloe Lukasiak lost it so many times in a maze at Knott's Scary Farm and we kind of feel bad for laughing.


Vanessa Hudgens wasn't going to let anyone scare her, so she decided to scare some of her fans. Not cool, Vanessa!


Dying for this vid of Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande getting more than they bargained for.


How dare Rydel Lynch terrorize Ross Lynch like that! We're here to console you, Ross!


At least Ross got his revenge scaring Ellington. And now Rydel will be there to console him. It's the circle of life!


But nothing is better than Taylor Swift getting scared an abundance of times by Ellen DeGeneres. Absolutely, nothing!


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