12 Struggles Every Student Experiences in School

Okay, let's get one thing straight: Our education is incredibly important.

Heck, if it weren't for our parents, teachers and other superiors completing their studies, they would not be in the successful positions they're in today.

That said, it's no secret that school can be a drag. And quite frankly, many things about it are totally unfair.

Keep scrolling for 12 struggles that every student experiences in school—trust us, we're right there with ya.

1. It Starts So Early

Isn't it frustrating that we find ourselves getting to school even earlier than our parents get to work? We're way too young to get up this early, amirite? Snooze.Button.Now. ????????????

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2. You're Frequently Obligated to Sit Next to Bullies

All we're trying to do is get through the day's lesson plan, but instead, we're frequently bombarded by rude remarks from our seatmates who find it far more important to bug us than to pay attention in class. How unfair is it that we're subjected to this behavior when we're just minding our own business? And the teacher wonders why we're always talking! Leave me alone!

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3. Cafeteria Food

As cliché as it sounds, nothing is more grotesque than cafeteria food. From the so-called "pizza," to the most disgusting ranch dressing drowned atop a serving of iceberg lettuce, most institutions' school lunches are full of fat and oils (sans the deliciousness of, let's say, a bucket of curly fries from Arby's).

And even if we choose not to eat it, we are subjected to the awful stench that emanates from the cafeteria area. Excuse me while I go to the bathroom. Barf.


4. You Can't Choose Your Teachers

It's no secret that everyone has a different way of learning—and teachers have different ways of teaching. Why is it that we're forced to work with teachers we just don't mesh with when we can easily be in a class with someone we picture as potentially becoming our mentor?

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5. You're Expected to Excel in All Subjects

Just like everyone has a different way of learning, everyone has one side of the brain on which they're greater focused. Some people excel it the maths and sciences, but struggle when it comes to spelling and writing essays—and vice versa for others. Why are all students expected to receive strong marks in all subjects? There's so much to juggle and it's super overwhelming.


6. Two Letters: P.E.

It's bad enough that we're expected to master all academic subjects, but at least we are able to study for those. When it comes to physical education, let's face it: Some of us just aren't athletic.

Sure, it is incredibly important to lead an active lifestyle, but let's focus on that in our own time as opposed to being forced to clumsily run up and down the volleyball court with our crush watching.

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7. You Don't Always Have Classes With Your Friends

Fact: What gets us through school the most is our pals. And when we're stuck in a class without them, it can be a very solemn situation. Feeling like a loner in the back of the classroom while seemingly everyone else is busy giggling and passing notes is never a good feeling. Wouldn't it be nice if we could request our classmates?


8. The Dreaded, Smelly School Bus

We've written about this one at length, but frowns are not turned upside down when the big, bad school bus pulls up.

A trip on the yellow, (not-so-magic) school bus can often times mean plugging our nose, avoiding our nemesis and taking an unnecessarily long drive to where we live, which, in actuality, isn't really that far away. Sigh.

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9. Finals

What's the point in the buildup of everything that makes up a quarter or semester, when really, all it comes down to is finals? Yes, those dreaded last tests of a class that seal our fate in a particular subject. Basically, a week of sleepless nights, agitated behavior and nail-biting down to the cuticle. #notfun

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10. You Rarely Get Partnered-Up With Your Pals

Even when we do get lucky enough to score a subject with one of our besties, have you noticed how infrequent it is that we actually get to work with them? It's hard to accept that teachers don't realize people work more effectively together when it's with someone they like!


11. Dress Codes

Whether you're forced to wear a school uniform or not, every school has some sort of dress code—some stricter than others. Isn't it a pain that we can't wear our weekend clothes straight from Sunday to Monday?


12. Homework

Saving the best (okay, worst) for last: homework!!! Ugh, after completing a long day of answering questions, studying and working on in-class projects, the last thing we want to do is head home tired, just to get working on even more school assignments. Can't all teachers reserve homework for weekends only? Nothing says Sunday Funday like a pen and a math book!


School can at times be a drag, but the good news is we're all in it together. Let's make the most of the experience by upping our school swag game with THESE rad tech accessories.