The 15 Worst Things About Gym Class

For one reason or another, we all have a favorite school subject.

You may like math because you get the biggest thrill from solving the toughest equations. Art may be more your speed, because it allows you to express yourself on another level. If you're all for learning about past cultures and how our current world came to be, chances are you love history.

Regardless of why you favor a particular subject over another, it's safe to say there's one class we all loathe entirely—gym.

Below are just a handful of reasons why P.E. is the worst subject of them all.

1. You're either good at P.E. or you're not. There is no grey area. And while you can generally get a tutor to help you with your other classes, the same cannot be said for gym.

2. Speaking of being good at P.E., there are always those really annoying kids who take the class way too seriously because it's the only thing they're good at. So you can dodge a ball? Big whoop!

3. Having to run a mile every week is definitely cruel and unusual punishment, but your gym teachers don't care. They find great joy in your misery.

Group of girls running during gym class

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4. There's no feeling worse than constantly being picked last when teams are chosen.

5. And nothing makes you feel more self-conscious than having to change in and out of your gym clothes in the locker room. It's almost as if whoever decided P.E. was a good idea wanted you to dislike yourself.

6. If you forget deodorant or body spray, you have to accept the fact that you're going to reek of B.O. for the rest of the day. Might as well have own your natural scent.

Girl upset in locker room

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7. Having to take home your P.E. clothes every weekend to wash them is a responsibility we didn't ask for. And nothing is more annoying than when you forget them at home and have to borrow a raggedy old loner pair. Yuck!

8. Plus, P.E. clothes aren't even cute. Everyone is forced to wear the same exact thing and you can't show off any of your personality in what you're wearing.

9. There's no need to do your hair or makeup, because after gym is over, your makeup will have sweated off and your hair will be a mess. It's not like you spent hours in the morning trying to look nice or anything.

Girl wiping sweat off her face

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10. The Presidential Fitness Test. No explanation necessary, you know why it's awful.

11. Even if it's raining, you don't get a break from P.E. They stuff you all into the musty gym to play dodgeball, because it's "fun." In what world is having large, red rubber balls thrown at your face enjoyable?

12. While you're usually judged on your ability to be active, there are those rare instances where you're forced to take a written test on things you were not taught. Why is this a thing?

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13. Try as hard as you want, your teachers will never buy your excuse for why you need to be excused from participating for a day. You could be bleeding from your ears and they'd still make you run.

14. One nice thing about gym (yes, there's one!) is that you change units every so often. There's always a bit of excitement in starting a new unit, until you do and quickly realize you suck at that activity, too.

15. No matter how careful you are, you're always going to get injured in some way shape or form.

Girl holding her wrist because it's injured

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