17 Cell Phone Wallpapers That You Need In Your Life

OK, so maybe we're slightly obsessed with our cell phones?. And, tbh, between our Insta, Snapchat, and Facebook feeds constantly blowing up, it's kinda hard not to be! Since our phone is basically an accessory in itself, it doesn't hurt to make it the cutest it can be. We've gathered 17 of THE most fun, inspirational, and just plain amazing wallpaper images that we just know you're going to want to save to your phone right now.


1. For the girl who gets stuff done and will totally be a boss lady someday!



2. For the girl who's obsessed with donuts and needs to be happy RN and always ?.

3. For the girl with some pretty rad goals.

4. For the girl who is always smiling, obviously!

5. For the girl who just needs a little extra motivation when school, friendships, or bae problems hit.

6. For the fierce and fearless girl.

7. For the unicorn lover. So basically, this is for everyone. Cause UNICORNS.


8. For the girl who's weird and OWNS it.

9. For the girls out there making every day #flawless.

10. For the girl who knows who she is!

11. For the Disney fanatic?.

12. For the girl who doesn't want her sneaky siblings messing with her phone!

13. For the girl who loves fries more than anything. So, ALL of us again.

14. For the summer-ready girl. Only a couple more months!


15. For the girl who knows what #GirlPower is all about.


16. For the girl who knows how to shake it off like our girl, T-Swift.

17. And for the girl who is ~amazing~ at always keeping it real.



Now that your phone is seriously looking more fashionable than, well, EVER, you're going to want to make sure your Insta feed is just as on point. Check out our newest fave fashion Instagram accounts HERE.