7 Reasons Why We Hope the Groundhog Sees Its Shadow Today

Today, Feb. 2, may not be the kind of holiday you mentally note in advance, but it sure is an annual defining moment on the calendar.

Based on folklore, if it's cloudy when a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day, then March 20th's official spring start will bring the season in full force, but if it is sunny when the adorable woodchuck peeps out, it will supposedly see its shadow and retreat back into its den, and winter weather will persist for six more weeks (???? fingers crossed!).

That said, we are very much hoping the little guy sees its shadow and winter can continue on. Don't agree? Maybe you'll change your mind after reading our reasons below!


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1. We're still dealing with the aftermath of holiday overindulgence. All we need is a few more cold months so we can continue wearing our oversized sweaters and leggings while we continue to hit the gym.

2. Hot tea on a chilly winter morning is so much easier to make than iced tea on a not so chilly one. Simple as that.

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3. Any excuse to ski and snowboard is fine by us. Please keep the snowy mountains-a-comin'!

4. What sounds better than cuddling up with our S.O. in the cold?

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5. One word: rain (you know we love it).

artsy shot of the rain on a window with rainbow in background

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6. The cold keeps us more productive. You don't actually think we're going to stay in on a sunny Saturday afternoon and clean our room, do ya?

7. There's so much less pressure when it's cold. Don't have weekend plans? Fine. Can't fit into that bikini? No biggie!


Regardless of the season, if you're a perpetually cold person, you'll relate to THESE struggles!