How to Turn Your Summer Fling Into the Real Thing

Your summer romance may have started out as just a casual fling, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

If you think what you have might be worth turning into something more serious, below are some Sweety High-approved ways to turn your summer fling into the real thing:

Summer fling

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Establish a Strong Connection

Summer days are much longer, so take advantage of long, lazy summer days to really connect. Spend as much time together and really get to know each other on a deeper level with conversation that will strengthen your bond well into the new school year. Ask questions about the person's family, their upbringing, their fears and passions. Prove to them that you actually want to get to know them and not just have fun.


Make Fall Plans

Keep things consistent by planning out fall activities now for September or October. Is there a concert you've been wanting to see? That's a perfect opportunity to naturally make future plans. Also talk about class and after-school commitments. Perhaps you have some synergies, like a shared teacher or sports schedule. The goal is to try and find natural ways to carry your current situation into the school year without it feeling forced.

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Meet Each Other's Family

A surefire way to make things real is to meet the family and close friends. The more your start integrating each other into your close circle, the quicker things will progress. Meeting the parents can be totally frightening, especially for a casual fling, so start out slow by catching a movie with your sibling or lunch with mom. 


Treat Them Like You're in a Relationship

The essence of a summer fling is that it's not a real commitment and there is a chance that your person is seeing multiple people. But in order to transition it into the real deal, you have to buckle down and start treating your current situation like a real relationship. Instead of playing games, make it clear you're not seeing anyone else and see if they're on the same page. 

No Strings Attached

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Show Them You're Girlfriend Material

The perks of being in a relationship are that you have someone there through the good and the bad. Show them you're girlfriend material by being there even when it's not just summer fun. If they're having a family problem, be there to listen. Or if they aren't feeling well, a thoughtful action like bringing them soup shows that you care. 


Keep Things Exciting

Summer flings are new and exciting. They're carefree and usually involve lots of fun, like beach days and parties with friends. The relationship then can feel stale once the reality of fall hits with school and work. In order to keep things interesting, plan fun outings and adventures for you two to go on together. Movie nights, a kickback with friends—you could even host a Halloween party together!


Define the Relationship

Okay, this one is scary and can be a deal breaker, but it's important to eventually DTR (define the relationship). You can only be in the dark on your status for so long, so come mid-fall, if you're still seeing each other, it's important to take a deep breath and talk about where you stand and where you see the future.


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