We Have The Ultimate Dream Cast For 'Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined'

Stephanie Meyers gave us Twihards one spectacular gift for the 10th anniversary of Twilight in the form of a gender-swapped version of the novel titled Life and Death, with Bella becoming Beau and Edward becoming Edythe. #Blessed Obviously this new version needs to be turned into a movie, and of course we know just who would make Beau and Edythe our new OTP!


A side by side image of Shailene Woodley and Dylan O'Brien

Casting Choice: Shailene Woodley & Dylan O'Brien

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: Shailene and Dylan are two kick butt heroes we love rooting for in Divergent and The Maze Runner. And we're ready now more than ever to root for them as star-crossed lovers.

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A side by side image of Laura Marano and Ross Lynch

Casting Choice: Laura Marano & Ross Lynch

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: We shipped them so hard as Austin and Ally, and we're ready to set sail on the Beau and Edythe ship. They're both fantastic at making us laugh until we cry, but we'd love to see them make us just cry with these slightly more serious roles.

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A side by side of Shay Mitchell and Pierson Fode

Casting Choice: Shay Mitchell & Pierson Fode

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: They've already got matching leather jackets, so clearly they're meant to be together on the big screen. Shay totally has that vampire vibe going on and Pierson is a total bae, which means they're basically already Beau and Edythe.

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A side by side of Selena Gomez and Tyler Posey

Casting Choice: Selena Gomez & Tyler Posey

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: Both Sel and Tyler aren't new to getting their supernatural on for some roles. Selena played a cartoon vampire with killer fashion sense and Tyler plays the man crushiest teen werewolf ever! It's almost like they were born for these roles…

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A side by side image of Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan

Casting Choice: Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: Our IRL OTP playing our onscreen OTP? Um, YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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A side by side image of Chlore Grace Moretz and Gregg Sulkin

Casting Choice: Chloe Grace Moretz & Gregg Sulkin

Why They'd Be Amazing As Beau And Edythe: Chloe is fierce and mysterious, so basically perf to bring Edythe's vampy mood to life. Gregg is hotter than a heatwave and we just need an excuse to see more of him in our lives.

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