What to Do When You Want to Go Out, But Can't Afford It

Dinner with friends, tickets for a movie, it all adds up!

If you find yourself in a less than stellar financial situation, but you still want to partake in the fun, these tips below will be for you.

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Be the Ringleader

If you find yourself unable to afford your friends' suggestions for going out, become the ringleader. Be proactive in planning fun outings that don't cost anything at all. If you put the great ideas out there, your friends will follow. Examples include a long bike ride or park picnic, maybe even a hike. You can also invite your friends over for a movie night and a themed sleepover. Having fun doesn't have to cost cash!


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Join for a Partial Activity

If you can't escape expensive plans, only join for part of the outing. For example, if your friends are grabbing dinner, let them know you will drop by later for dessert or coffee. You don't need to stay the whole meal to rack up a ton of expenses. Joining for a limited part of an activity can help you save big bucks over time, while still fitting in that quality time with your pals that you crave.


Consider a Part-Time Job

If you constantly find yourself short on cash, you can consider a part-time job. The rules here are that your schedule should allow for a few hours of work and that your parents are cool with the idea. After you meet those two requirements, start searching for jobs that you can take on. Are you great in math? Consider being a tutor for younger kids. Do you love hanging with children? Ask your neighbors if they need any babysitting. Picking up one or two odd jobs here and there will make a difference in your pocket.


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