6 Things You Need for a Successful Party, Regardless of Its Theme

There are so many types of parties—many of which we've covered here on Sweety High.

But regardless of whether it's a pool party, fall partyOlympics viewing party or celebration of any other kind, there are some things that hold true across the board: the list of essentials needed to ensure the gathering is a complete success!

So without further adieu, allow us, the unofficial pro party-planners, to give you a list of foolproof musts for any party, regardless of its theme!

1. Pre-Planned Playlist (With Legitimate Speakers)

Let's get one thing straight: Unless it's a viewing party (ie. the aforementioned Olympics watch event), a party ain't a party unless music is involved. Some soirees (ie. a holiday party) may require a specific type of music, but still, tunes nevertheless. And if the gathering is kind of a free-for-all as far as the soundtrack is concerned, be sure to include a good selection of general people-pleasing songs, a decent amount of your personal faves to add a touch of your own, and a share of fresh tracks (do your research and impress your friends with stuff they're hearing first from you!). But once you have the tracks, you need to make sure they are heard. Whether you need to borrow from a friend or mom and dad, make sure you have speakers that will make your songs heard over party chatter.

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2. Lite Bites

Unless it's a very intimate get-together, it's not really necessary to serve full-course meals. We say two dips, a light sandwich platter, a dessert and something you can throw in the oven does the trick as far as food is concerned. Chances are, people will be too busy mingling and dancing to stay holed up near the dining table anyway. But that said, be sure to at least serve something. Hungry guests = unhappy ones.

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3. Signature Beverage

A signature beverage not only quenches your guests' thirst, but it also adds an extra personal touch to your party. In addition to purified water and an iced tea or other soft drink of choice, create a delicious punch or other big-batch beverage that will have your guests talking (in a good way) at school on Monday. We highly recommend Pinterest for the most clever, refreshing finds.

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4. Memento or Goodie Bag

If you have a reasonably small guest list, putting together a cute baggie of nice chocolates, inexpensive jewelry or some other roundup of goodies for everyone to leave with is a way to have your attendees leaving with a smile, while also offering them a token of thanks for helping make your day extra special. And if the event you're celebrating is a milestone of any sort, putting together a personalized memento for each guest will really make your party one to remember forever. If your guest list is bigger, you can't necessarily have something for everyone. In these cases, we suggest a raffle! Trust us, people are on the edge of their seats all party long to find out if they won one of your coveted prizes. We suggest providing 3-5 raffle prizes.

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5. Adjustable Temperature

This may sound like a no-brainer, but trust us, if you don't have a properly-working air-conditioner, heater—or heck, at least a fan, your party is doomed. No one wants to be locked inside gritting their teeth because it's too chilly, or sweating incessantly because it's too darn hot. Please your guests with adjustable temperature options or your get-together will be cut short.

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6. At Least One Designated Activity

Whether it's pumpkin-carving for a Halloween party, laying out a make-your-own-sundae station with all the fixins for your next slumber party or hopping into the pool at your next BBQ, having at least some kind of activity breaks up the party a bit and adds a little extra dimension.

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7. Plenty of Thematic Decor

Decor is your party's first impression—and as you know, first impressions are lasting. Don't hold back with your decorations. For starters, a photo booth is a must—duh. Not only do people have fun using props and looking hilariously ridiculous, but it also ensures people will post about your party on their social media channels. Sounds like a win-win to us! But in addition, streamers, balloons and all that other fun stuff that fit the theme of your party, will make your guests feel welcome and ready to get the celebration started!

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