At Least ONE of These Mishaps Will Occur on Your Next School Field Trip

School field trips are without a doubt one of the most anticipated classroom occurrences for any student.

It's a chance to get away from school, spend time with your friends and learn something new without having to bury your face in a textbook.

And although it's almost always a good time, it's nearly impossible to make it through any class trip without having one of the following seven things occur.
Three teens sticking their head out of a school bus

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1. You Get Paired Off With a 'Buddy'

Before a big field trip happens, most teachers assign you to a buddy that you're responsible to be with at all times during the outing. This essential element of a field trip can work in your favor if you happen to get paired with one of your besties, or it can be a total nightmare if you're paired with some rando whom you have no interest in being with all day. Fingers crossed you're attached at the hip with someone you actually like.

2. You Have to Take Some Unfavorable Mode of Transportation

It's pretty apparent that we have a strong dislike of smelly school buses. But unfortunately, those big yellow vehicles are usually what end up being your ride come field trip day. With all the excitement of a school outing, you can almost overlook the fact that your legs are squished and the person behind you has their knees jammed up against your back.

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3. A Surprise Homework Element Is Thrown in the Mix

Just when you think you're off the hook from a day full of reading out of textbooks and completing worksheets, your teacher will decide to add in a written assignment as part of the field trip. Major bummer. How can you have fun and really learn when you're stressed out about completing the work before the end of the day?

4. One Person Gets Lost

Somehow, some meandering kid always ruins the fun for the class by getting lost halfway through the day. Teachers panic, chaperones become even stricter and your field trip turns into more of a search party. The kid who is missing will mysteriously show up at the bus just before it departs, but now the day is spoiled. Womp. Womp.


5.The Chaperone Cramps Your Style

Chaperones typically don't interfere too much with the overall field trip experience, unless, of course, one of the chaperones happens to be your parent or your friend's parent. They'll find some way to subtly embarrass you in front of the class (i.e. pointing out your relationship, teasing you or even hugging you in front of all your classmates). ????


6. Someone Asks Annoying and Useless Questions

There's always one student in the class who asks far too many questions. Just when you think you're going to have free time to roam the museum with your friends, their hand will pop up and they'll get the instructor talking about a subject matter until your free time is non-existent. Put that hand down…

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7. Someone is Late for the Bus Ride Home

When the day is finally over, and the teacher begins doing a head count of everyone on the bus, it will be discovered that two students haven't returned. Those classmates of yours will show up to the bus 20 minutes late, causing you to get back to school late. You'll end up getting home an hour later than your your normal school day. Not cool.


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