18 Gifts Every 'Star Wars' Fan Needs To Put On Their Wish List

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out TODAY! For all of you who are as Star Wars obsessed as we are, you need to put these 18 gifts on your wish list. BONUS, they're all under $40.

WHAT: Star Wars-inspired lipstick

WHY: These lipsticks come in the most beautiful colors in the galaxy and it's the ultimate way to let people know if you are on the light or dark side.

COST: $6.99 each


WHAT: R2-D2 & C-3PO BFF necklaces

WHY: It's the perfect way to show how much you love both Star Wars and your bestie in the most adorable piece of jewelry in the galaxy.

COST: $19.99

GET IT: Spencer's


WHAT: Han Solo & Princess Leia earrings

WHY: We are dying over these earrings and they're a subtle way to let everyone know who your OTP is.

COST: $16

GET IT: Etsy


WHAT: Princess Leia beanie

WHY: You can be as hair goals as Princess Leia without even having to do your hair.

COST: $20

GET IT: Etsy


WHAT: Chewbacca backpack

WHY: Chewie will have your back (literally) wherever you go, and who doesn't want that?

COST: $35.60

GET IT: Hot Topic


WHAT: Ewok coin purse

WHY: You don't want your money to get lost inside Chewie, so keep it safe in the cutest coin purse you will ever see in your entire life.

COST: $19.86

GET IT: Amazon


WHAT: Lightsaber ice pop maker

WHY: If you've ever wanted to know what a lightsaber tastes like, now's your chance to find out.

COST: $24.49

GET IT: Think Geek


WHAT: Lightsaber selfie stick

WHY: It's a lightsaber selfie stick. Enough said.

COST: $19.99

GET IT: Think Geek


WHAT: Star Wars origami

WHY: You can build your own droid. Obviously, it's only in paper form, but that doesn't take away from it's epicness.

COST: $19.59

GET IT: Firebox


WHAT: Doodling book

WHY: Not only can you color in the super cute doodles, you can create your own doodles. We suggest doodling a little Princess Leia first.

COST: $11.33

GET IT: Amazon


WHAT: BB-8 pillow

WHY: Even though cuddling the real BB-8 would be magical, cuddling a pillow BB-8 is just as amazing.

COST: $19.99

GET IT: Think Geek


WHAT: Character ear buds

WHY: Listen to your music through these you should.

COST: $7.99


WHAT: Lightsaber pens

WHY: You can do your homework with them and when you get bored you can have lightsaber duels.

COST: $7.99

GET IT: Amazon


WHAT: R2-D2 cupcake pan

WHY: Just when you thought baking cupcakes couldn't get any sweeter, it did by light years!

COST: $13.99

GET IT: Think Geek


WHAT: R2-D2 desk vacuum

WHY: You need something to clean up all those cupcake crumbs with, so obviously an desk vac will do the trick.

COST: $22.59

GET IT: Firebox


WHAT: Stormtrooper iPhone case

WHY: Having a stormtrooper for a phone case pretty much guarantees that your phone will always be protected from getting damaged.

COST: $26

GET IT: Shop Brando


WHAT: Character socks

WHY: The force is strong with these socks.

COST: $10.15

GET IT: Hot Topic


WHAT: Han Solo in carbonite ice cube tray

WHY: Um, because it's only the coolest thing you've ever seen.

COST: $9.99

GET IT: Think Geek


These Star Wars gifts are pretty rad, but you may need to leave some room on your wish list for these 14 gifts!