The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Best Instagram Pics

Taylor Swift has just become one step closer to ruling the universe by becoming the most followed person on Instagram. And she totally deserves it based on the fab and fierce images she posts all the time. We ranked our top 25 fave Tay IG pics, but did yours make the cut?


25. She Is The Baking Queen

Taylor Swift is baking in this black and white photo on her Instagram from over three years ago.

(via Instagram)

This was the first of many pics that proved Tay could definitely be the next Food Network star if this whole singing thing doesn't pan out.

24. Back To The Beginning

One of Taylor Swift's first Instagram photos of her in a cat shirt that a fan gave to her.

(via Instagram)

One of Tay's first IG photos was of her in one adorbs cat shirt (no surprise) and we're glad that this aesthetic has not changed throughout the years.


23. Cat Lady In The Making

Taylor Swift is taking a selfie with her cat Meredith Grey on the day she first adopted her.

(via Instagram)

We're dying over the cuteness that is Tay introducing the world to the precious creature that is Meredith Grey.


22. Golden Goddess

Taylor Swift is holding up two Grammy awards that she won in an Instagram picture.

(via Instagram)

Her gold dress clearly shows that she was destined to win those Grammy Awards!


21. Say My Name, Say My Name

Taylor Swift is holding up a pair of chopsticks to her camera that have her name written on them.

(via Instagram)

You know you've made it when you have your own set of personalized chopsticks.


20. Breakfast Of Champions

An image off of Taylor Swift's Instagram of a bowl of candy she received from The Today Show.

(via Instagram)

And this is why she's so sweet all the time, she eats candy for breakfast!


19. 'Tis The Season

Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld are in a picture together holding up mini Christmas trees.

(via Instagram)

Is anything cuter than Tay and Hailee Steinfeld infatuated with mini Christmas trees? Definitely not.


18. Founding Father

Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne are standing in front of a George Washington portrait in the same pose he was painted in.

(via Instagram)

If this is her way of hinting that she will be running for president in the future, we are so down.


17. Road Trip

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are posing in front of a large wood sign that reads "Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park" while on a road trip around California.

(via Instagram)

She may be a cat lady, but looking at this pic, it would appear that a monkey may actually be Tay's true spirit animal.


16. Artistic Vibes

Taylor Swift is showing off a flower water color painting she did in one of her Instagram pictures.

(via Instagram)

Singer, actress, humanitarian and now painter? Is there anything this girl can't do?


15. Rebel Without A Cause

Taylor Swift took a picture next to a paper that said no photos for an Instagram picture.

(via Instagram)

She's so bad, but she does it so well.


14. Cats! Cats! Cats!

Taylor Swift in a pink crop top and skirt with her cat Olivia Benson in her lap.

(via Instagram)

Tay introduced us to Olivia Benson and we instantly fell in love.


13. Sliding Into Your DMs

Taylor Swift is riding down a blue and yellow slip and slide on an inflatable turtle on the 4th of July.

(via Instagram)

Taylor knows just how to have one epic 4th of July bash. Still a bit upset we weren't invited, though…


12. Heaven On Earth

Taylor Swift is standing in front of angel wings painted on the wall of a street in New York.

(via Instagram)

If anyone needed any proof that she is an actual angel, there you go!


11. Fan Appreciation

Taylor Swift made a collage of some of the fan photos she took at her 1989 secret sessions to post on her Instagram.

(via Instagram)

Her collage of pics she took with fans at her 1989 Secret Sessions are extraordinarily spectacular. Support artists who support their fans!


10. Rise & Shine

Taylor Swift is sitting in a car on her way to the airport wrapped in a white blanket and holding a coffee cup with an upset look on her face.

(via Instagram)

Tay understands what it's like to not be a morning person.


9. It's A Unicorn! It's A Pegasus! No, It's Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is dressed up as a pegacorn on Halloween for a radio interview.

(via Instagram)

Only Tay would proudly parade her Pegacorn Halloween costume at a radio interview.


8. Friends Forever

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are hugging each other at an award show in color while the rest of the photo is in black and white.

(via Instagram)

No, we're not crying over this pic of Selena Gomez and Tay. We just have some dust in our eyes. But seriously, they're too cute for this world.


7. That's A Wrap!

Taylor Swift and her Bad Blood co-stars are eating In-N-Out after wrapping filming the music video.

(via Instagram)

The only way to fix "Bad Blood" between friends is with In-N-Out.


6. Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball Of Fur

Taylor Swift is taking a selfie while her cat Olivia Benson is sleeping on her chest.

(via Instagram)

No one takes a selfie with their cat quite like her.


5. Couple Goals

Taylor Swift is getting a piggyback ride from her boyfriend Calvin Harris.

(via Instagram)

Taylor and Calvin Harris are OTP forever and always! We ship them more than UPS ships packages.


4. Fairy Godmother

Taylor Swift is holding her godson, Jamie King's son.

(via Instagram)

Forever wishing we could be reborn into that child so we could have Taylor as our Godmother. Totally not weird at all!


3. Sixth Harmony

Taylor Swift is posing with Fifth Harmony during a sound check before Taylor's concert.

(via Instagram)

Petition for Tay to join Fifth Harmony, please and thank you.


2. #Squad

Taylor Swift and her squad at the 2015 VMAs.

(via Instagram)

Ain't no squad better than Taylor's squad. But like where do we send in our application to be a member?


1. Sweater Weather

Taylor Swift is wearing a sweater a fan made her of her 1989 album cover art.

(via Instagram)

Taylor Swift wearing a sweater with herself on it is the best photoception we have ever seen.


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