There are many ways to measure a year.

From 525,600 minutes, to four seasons, to the coming and passing of dreaded finals week. But our favorite by far is by looking back at a year’s worth of #MCMs.

Whether they’re actors from our favorite shows or musicians who speak to our souls, each and every one of our crushes from 2017 has been equal parts talented and swoon-worthy.

Scroll below for our recap of 2017’s Man Crush Mondays. Who’s at the top of your list?

1. Burkely Duffield

Our very first #MCM of 2017 was Freeform sci-fi thriller actor Burkely Duffield from Beyond. But what may be just as impressive as his acting chops is the fun fact that he’s a legit Pokémon master. 

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2. Blake Michael

This Disney Channel star stole our hearts with his performances in Lemonade Mouth and Dog with a Blog. While his acting is A+, this crush is a triple threat. He’s also an amazing drummer and gifted painter. TBH, those dreamy eyes are all we needed, but his talent is also much appreciated. 

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3.  Jace Norman

This Henry Danger star is dangerously close to stealing our hearts for good. Those eyes! That hair!

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4. Charlie DePew

This Famous In Love star also had us smitten right from the start. You can say he’s really good at his job. 

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5. Kalama Epstein 

This sweetie pie has taught us so much from his role on The Fosters… that we literally can’t pay attention to anything anyone else is saying when he’s on screen.

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6. David Scarzone 

If you aren’t yet familiar with this singer’s music, get familiar. Trust, you won’t mind having these smooth vocals stuck in your head all day.

Thanks for the shots Mike. Hope y’all dig all of em ☺️

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7. Leroy Sanchez

This singer-songwriter may have gotten our attention with his top-notch covers of Adele and Ed Sheeran, but his original sound is even more impressive. 


8. Zach Clayton

From to YouNow to his hit singles, this crush brings the viiiibes all day long. 

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9. Tyler Ward 

Since his YouTube cover days, this crush has come very far. We love his dreamy voice, it’s definite boyfriend material.


10. Garrett Clayton 

From the Teen Beach movie to Hairspray Live!, this actor gets a five-star review for his acting skills and his hair.


11. David Choi 

This musician has the perfect rainy day voice to add to the top of your cloudy playlist, with equal parts soul and uplifting beat.


12. Justin Prentice 

This actor may have totally given us the creeps in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, but IRL Justin is a total heartthrob. It’s as though Chris Pratt has a younger, more rugged brother.


13. Joshua Rush 

Joshua helped bring some much needed change to the Disney Channel with his role as Cyrus in the comedy series Andi Mack. We fully support this actor and all of the progress he’s helping to make.

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14. Dylan Playfair 

Gil may be the son of Gaston but this Descendants 2 star has found a place in our hearts. Dylan may play the role of Gil, but he’s an even bigger role model to his little brothers. Yeah, it’s safe to say that he’s much more lovable than his character counterpart.


15. Lukas Gage 

We love actor Lukas Gage and can’t wait until Assassination Nation hits theaters in January, starring this crush and some other fave actors, including Bella Thorne, the creepy-yet-gorg Bill Skarsgard (It of the movie It) and Cody Christian.

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16. Thomas Doherty 

Thomas, who plays Harry in Descendants 2 may be our #mcm, but he’s Dove Cameron’s man crush every day… so we’ll just have to keep on admiring from afar. Those cheekbones tho! P.S. Dove says that this heartthrob is also a sinfully good person.


17. Aidan Alexander 

You know Aidan best from his performance in A Cowgirl’s Story… or maybe by his beautiful blonde locks. To top everything off, this crush is a total romantic who loves the film Midnight in Paris. Did I hear someone say date night?

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18. New Hope Club 

Boy band? Check. British? Check. What more could you want from this talented trio??

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19. Thomas Law 

We loved this British actor in A Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits, also starring another fave, Sofia Carson. But we demand more!

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20. Tyrel Jackson Williams 

Tyrel is no stranger to television, which means he’s no stranger in our hearts. We particularly loved his time on Disney XD’s Lab Rats. But we also can’t deny his super artistic image on social media. That IG theme!

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21. Josh Levi 

At a glance, you may think Josh Levi is a ’90s heartthrob with his throwback style, but this singer is straight outta the ’00s. If you thought you liked this X-Factor contestant as part of the group Citizen Four, then you’ll love his solo stuff.

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22. Luke Cosgrove

Ummm is it just us or is actor Luke Cosgrove working some major Red Ranger vibes? Look out, Dacre Montgomery (Jason in Power Rangers and Billy in Stranger Things 2), Luke is about to blow up.


23. Matt DeFreitas 

This English YouTuber is best known for his covers of popular songs, but he’s better known in our hearts by a very loud, distracting thumping sound. I guess that could be our hearts beating out of our chests? Who can say. Go listen. Now.

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24. Gus Kamp 

You’re not alone if you crushed hard on Gus Kamp from Best Friends Whenever. We can’t wait to see what this actor does next, but until then, we’ll just be watching reruns of this Disney show.


25. Shane Harper

From actor to musician, we just couldn’t love this Good Luck Charlie star any more than we currently do. Nothing beats a multi-talented crush.


26. Reed Deming

The X Factor knows talent when it sees it, which is why this super skilled singer-songwriter was a former contestant of the show. We’re so excited to watch (and listen to) Reed’s journey with music and producing.

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27. Riley Thomas Stewart

If this face has you scratching your head, that’s because Riley can be more easily recognized by his voice. This voice actor is best known for his role as Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. But we definitely expect to see more from this young star.

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While no one can fill the hole in our heart that One Direction left (they will reunite, they will!) this new boy band is taking up a whole new space in our heart. We’re prettymuch obsessed with these singers.

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29. Parker Coppins 

You’ll recognize this now-actor from his YouTube channel, ParkerGames, and from his Disney XD show, Parker Plays. Basically, Parker’s name is everywhere. And for good reason.

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30.  Stony Blyden

This actor, producer and musician has at one point in his life been able to call Jaden Smith his BFF. Well, his character in the tear-jerking film, Life in a Year, was besties with this other famous actor at least. We can’t get enough of this Icelandic star.

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31. WJM 

This teenage rock boy band consists of singers Will, Jeremy and Matt. As if their music and look wasn’t enough, these young rockers are also dedicated to bringing about change by supporting charities such as various children’s hospitals and foundations. They’re a total package!

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32. Three Guests

Not all cover bands are created equal, because this musical trio is so much more exciting than many out there on YouTube. While they caught our attention with their remixes of popular songs, they kept us interested with their single, “Marilyn.”

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33. Dallas Hart

This Greenhouse Academy star has us swooning. With eyes like that, we feel like Dallas can see right into our souls. Hopefully he won’t get jealous about all of our other crushes.

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34. Cody Saintgnue

Just when we thought we were getting over the series finale of Teen Wolf, our crush Cody had to go and make us miss it more than ever. His role as Brett may have been brief, but we’ll love him for all of eternity.

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35. In Real Life 

ABC’s series, Boy Band, truly spoke to our inner obsession of musical groups consisting of multi-talented, swoon-worthy boys. In Real Life was obviously the winner of this season, and for obvious reasons. Dare we say they are the next biggest boy band sensation? We dare.


36. JJ Hannon 

This star knows how to make an impact. We also can’t deny his too-real resemblance to Harry Potter. If our favorite wizard had a little bro, it would be JJ. But something tells us that this Potter might be a Slytherin.

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37. Matt Jaffe

This singer-songwriter brings all the beats, from rock to—yes—country. We are swooning over that acoustic guitar.


38. Bars and Melody

This duo may have placed third in Britain’s Got Talent, but they place first in our hearts. We’re obsessed with their sound, but even more smitten with their friendship. These guys are goals.


39. Isaak Presley

You’ll recognize Isaak best from his roles on Fuller House and Stuck in the Middle, but we know him best as that adorable face hanging on our bedroom wall. Talent aside, this actor is still a major heartthrob.

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40. Joey Kidney 

Hands down the most inspirational crush on our list goes to Joey. His YouTube channel is everything and more that we need when we’re feeling down or are seeking a good, relatable truth. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also quite easy on the eyes.

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41. Milo Manheim 

You’ll want to get to know this #mcm before he totally blows up from his role as Zed in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Zombies. This flick will be a musical, and, yeah, we’re predicting it becomes the next High School Musical. Watch out, Zac.

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42. Noah Schnacky 

This singer-songwriter is all about the country tunes. You don’t even need to be a fan of country music for his sweet voice give you straight-up butterflies.


43. Mason Cook 

Mason’s been acting for most of his life, meaning he’s no stranger to the screen. We particularly love watching this crush in his role as Ray in Speechless. If you haven’t tuned in, make it a winter break binging priority.

S I D E ???? • • ????: @lesliealejandro

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44. Percy Hynes-White 

The Gifted is one of our new fave shows and it’s no coincidence that we’re also totally in love with one of the stars, Percy Hynes-White. If pure talent is what you look for in a crush, then you’re on the right track with this actor.

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45. Jeremy Shada 

We first fell in love with Jeremy’s voice as he read for the role of Finn on Adventure Time, but now we’re happy to see this whole actor in action in the newer show, Mr. Student Body President. What can’t this actor do?

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46. Marcus Scribner

Last this year, but certainly not least is Black-ish star Marcus Scribner. His little sis on the show may rudely refer to his character, Junior, as Long Head, but we think his head is perfect, thank you very much.


Now that we’ve gone through all of our celeb crushes of the year, click HERE for tips on how to keep your cool when your meet your fave star in person.